According to the Constitution, which branch of government is responsible for readmitting says that have seceded from the Union?

a. The executive branch b. The Constitution does not resolve this question c. The legislative branch d. The judicial branch

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Which of the adhering to explains Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan, which he announced in December 1863?

a. The pla readily available general amnesty to all Confedeprice citizens who agreed to comply with federal legislations. b. It stated that a state could go back to the Union when 10 percent of its voters took an oath of loyalty to the Union. c. Lincoln created the arrangement to appeal to southern Democrats, many type of of whom had actually served via Lincoln in Congress. d. The plan declared that a state could reorganize its government as soon as 50 percent of its voters took an oath of loyalty to the Union.

How was the Wade-Davis Bill of 1864 different from Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan?

a. It stipulated that new southern governments might be formed only by those who had not dealt with versus the North in the Civil War. b. This proposal developed an amnesty setup that was more lenient than Lincoln’s earlier setup. c. This even more generous setup stated that former slaveholders would receive compensation for their building losses. d. It required loyalty oaths from 90 percent of a southern state’s adult white males before that state might hold a constitutional convention.

How did Abraham Lincoln respond to the Wade Davis Bill in 1864?

a. Lincoln reluctantly agreed to accept it, however the Senate faibrought about pass it and it never came before him. b. He did not authorize it and he opened talks through crucial congressional representatives to discover a weaken solution c. Lincoln publicly refsupplied to sign it and announced in a significant speech that he sought a lenient strategy to Rebuilding. d. He vetoed it, however his veto was overridden by Congress, which insisted that Confedeprices be puniburned.

Southern whites responded to the end of slaextremely by enacting

a. the Freedmen’s Bureau. b. the Civil Rights Act of 1866. c. the Ordinance of Nullification. d. Babsence Codes.

Under President Johnson’s restoration plan, high-ranking Confederate leaders and also wealthy southerners

a. can research and suppose to get presidential pardons that exempted them from punishment. b. were primarily imprisoned for a duration of time ranging from one month to three years. c. can protect against punishment by taking a distinct oath of allegiance to the Union and also the president. d. could serve as deleentrances to conventions that were dubbed to think about ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment.

Which of the following statements defines the Freedmen’s Bureau, which originated in 1865?

a. Founded by ex-Confederate says, the company helped redevelop the South. b. It was initially proposed in Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan, which Congress beat. c. Created by Congress, it helped ex-servants change to flexibility and also secure their standard civil rights. d. Created by private citizens, the firm offered aid to previous servants.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866

a. declared freedguys to be citizens and provided them complete access to the courts. b. forced freedguys, like immigrants, to wait 5 years for U.S. citizenship. c. guaranteed suffrage for all adult freedmales. d. asserted that all former servants would obtain equal protection under the regulation.

Why did President Johnchild veto the Freedmen’s Bureau regulation and Civil Rights Act in 1866?

a. These two pieces of regulation posed too good an obstacle to his deeply racist views. b. Johnkid did not acquire together with the Radical Republicans. c. He sought revenge versus the Radical Republicans for opposing his Rebuilding and construction arrangement. d. He believed they violated the core tenets of the Republican Party.

Which of these events spurred Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act in April 1866?

a. Johnson’s danger to impose Reconstruction with army pressure b. The introduction of the Ku Klux Klan c. A precipitous decline in Johnson’s political assistance d. The eruption of antibabsence violence in miscellaneous components of the south

Which of the adhering to scenarios took place in the federal federal government immediately after Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in April 1866?

a. Congressional Republicans enacted the Freedmen’s Bureau regulation over Johnson’s veto. b. Republicans presented an amendment declaring that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States” were citizens. c. Republihave the right to leaders determined that they had actually completed all they might before the midterm election. d. Radical Republicans formulated a plan to look for Johnson’s impeachment.

Which of the adhering to statements defines Radical Reconstruction?

a. It aimed to redevelop the South and also rise federal power. b. It demonstrated that even Radical Republicans would certainly sacrifice the civil liberties of freed servants. c. Tright here was no way the South can have avoided the college of Radical Reconstruction. d. The regime offered each freed servant forty acres of land also and a mule.

Which of the complying with was the last outcome of the congressional projects and also elections of 1866?

a. Johnkid experienced a humiliating defeat as Republicans got a three-to-one margin in Congress. b. Conservative Republicans and also Democrats united to develop the National Union Party and also won 105 seats in the House. c. Voters expressed their disapproval of the Freedmen’s Bureau legislation and also the Fourteenth Amendment. d. Johnson’s personal marketing from Washington to St. Louis and Chicearlier won back supporters to the Republideserve to Party.

Which of the following pairs figured out via the Radical Republicans?

a. James M. Pike and Hiram Revels b. President Lincoln and also Andrew Johnson c. Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens d. Lyguy Trumbell and Nathan Bedford Forremainder

Which of the adhering to was the official factor Congress cited for impeaching Andrew Johnson?

a. He infringed on the powers of Congress. b. He refsupplied to assistance any type of of the Civil War amendments. c. He attempted to undermine Radical Rebuilding. d. Johnchild dismissed Secretary of State William Seward.

Ratified in 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment

a. prohibited state governments from utilizing residential or commercial property needs to disqualify blacks from voting. b. prohibited state governments from utilizing proficiency tests to proccasion blacks from voting. c. granted voting rights to all adult Afrihave the right to Americans in eincredibly state. d. forbade says from denying any citizen the best to vote on the grounds of race, color, or previous condition as a slave.

Which of the complying with pairs is correctly matched?

a. Fifteenth Amendment—offered Afrideserve to Amerihave the right to males the right to vote b. Civil Rights Act of 1866—allowed formerly enslaved human being complete accessibility to the courts c. Fourteenth Amendment—abolished slavery d. Thirteenth Amendment—citizenship for Afrideserve to Americans

Thstormy which of the adhering to methods did southerners prevent providing former slaves the appropriate to vote?

a. Waving the bloody shirt b. Ending right-to-job-related laws c. Driving Afrihave the right to Amerideserve to men out of the state d. Collecting poll taxes

Why was it crucial to include the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and also Fifteenth Amendments to the UNITED STATE Constitution following the Civil War?

a. It wasn’t necessary; they were passed just for focus and propaganda. b. The Constitution outlawed the federal government’s interference with state legislations. c. The Bill of Rights provided state regulations precedence over federal regulations. d. The Constitution had actually condoned slaincredibly and permitted states to set voting requirements.

Which of these recreates originated via the Grant administration?

a. Granting equal residential or commercial property legal rights for women b. Securing the right to vote for all male U.S. citizens regardless of race c. Enacting compulsory school attendance regulations for all states d. Providing for the direct election of U.S. senators

Which of the following was Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s response to the denial of women’s suffrage while freedmen and also immiprovide men were being enfranchised?

a. She felt that males were better suited to vote than woguys and sustained the Republic Party. b. She construed the value of approving the ideal to vote to all males however still continued to be a supporter of women’s suffrage. c. She made a racist strike on the uneducated babsence males who might vote while educated white womales could not. d. She urged woguys to be patient and reprimary loyal to the Republihave the right to Party.

Granting suffrage to Afrihave the right to Amerihave the right to males caused

a. joyful celebrations throughout the North. b. thousands of women’s protests in the Northeast. c. antiblack rioting in New York City. d. a split in the women’s movement.

Which of the adhering to statements characterizes the women’s suffrage activity after the Civil War?

a. Many feminists opposed the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment because it did not give equal security to women. b. Many suffragists agreed that they should concentrate on securing voting rights for Afrihave the right to Amerihave the right to males as a means to press for the exact same rights for all womales. c. Many feminists who had been abolitionists were disappointed that the Fifteenth Amendment made no recommendation to gender and allowed claims to proceed to deny suffrage to women. d. Disappointed via the Republican Party’s faientice to win voting rights for women, the majority of suffragists aligned with the Democratic Party after 1869.

Expecting liberty from slaextremely close to the finish of the Civil War, many Afrihave the right to Americans were eager to

a. elect African American politicians in order to secure their political civil liberties. b. vote and also secure land for financial freedom. c. form charities to aid former servants develop self-reliance from their masters. d. find the indicates to relocate to the North and also seek employment.

Which of the complying with statements defines the renegotiation of previous slaves in the South?

a. The Freedmen’s Bureau permanently resettled 10,000 African Amerihave the right to family members on “Shermale lands.” b. Eextremely previous servant was provided forty acres and a mule in compensation for their years of forced labor. c. Bands of ex-Confedeprice soldiers and also plantation owners drove Afrihave the right to Americans from the confiscated land that they were occupying. d. Under Johnson’s amnesty setup, ex-Confederates were permitted to recuperate their land also, and freedmales were compelled to job-related for them or leave.

Why were many congressional leaders unwilling to consider breaking up plantations and also distributing plots for independent ranches to freed slaves?

a. They hoped to gain back cotton cultivation and also the export of Amerideserve to cotton. b. Many congressional representatives wanted to view the Industrial Revolution transdevelop the South. c. The leaders did not think servants were qualified of farming their own land. d. Freed servants had expressed their desire to job-related in occupations other than farming.

Which of these statements explains the standing of African Amerideserve to woguys in the Reconstruction-era South?

a. Most freedguys refsupplied to allow their wives to work-related alongside them in the areas. b. Emancipation may have raised the subordicountry of African Amerideserve to woguys in the babsence family. c. Freedwomen valued their brand-new right to marry legally and also their opportunity to develop a stable family life. d. In the Reconstruction-era South, freedwomales had actually the exact same legal rights and also status as freedguys.

Many kind of Afrideserve to Amerihave the right to sharecroppers ended up being trapped in a vicious cycle of debt after the Civil War mainly because

a. federal banking legislations consisted of “usury” regulations that in fact enabled southern financial institutions to cheat freedguys. b. they can not pay the high prices and interest that whites charged as the price of cotton declined in the 1870s. c. state regulations forced blacks to pay for purchases by creating crmodify lines that they might pay off only as soon as every year. d. southerly financial institutions charged blacks a lot greater interest rates than they charged whites.

Which statement explains the sharecropping mechanism that emerged to replace slaincredibly in the South after the Civil War?

a. Through sharecropping, freed slaves were able to development exceptionally well economically. b. Many sharecroppers thought it was preferable to a wage labor system. c. It produced an equal partnership between tenant farmer and owner. d. Sharecroppers were regularly worse off than slaves had actually been.

Which of the following teams written the biggest percentage of registered voters in Alabama and also Mississippi in the late 1860s?

a. White Unionists b. Babsence Republicans c. Former Confedeprices d. White Republicans

Some southerners provided the term scalawags to describe

a. Freedmen’s Bureau officials and also teachers. b. northerners in the South in the time of Rebuilding and construction. c. southerners that supported the process of Rebuilding and construction. d. freed servants that were demanding equality.

During Rebuilding, why was southerly Democrats’ dismissal of babsence politicians as ignorant area hands misguided?

a. Those elected to public office had offered in the Union army. b. While all had been slaves, some had been home servants. c. The majority of political leaders were totally free blacks from the North. d. Many kind of had been complimentary artisans or tradesmales.

Those who participated in the production and implementation of Radical Rebuilding intended to

a. bring the South earlier right into the Union via minimal bitterness. b. produce a brand-new South via complete equality and also without racism. c. reconstruct the South’s shattered facilities. d. accomplish a brand-new southerly society in the North’s image.

Southern Republican state Rebuilding governments gone after which of the complying with goals?

a. Giving ex-servants a mule and also forty acres of land also b. Ending the sharecropping device c. Expanding the legal rights of married woguys. d. Strengthening cotton agriculture

A key organization that operated as the grassroots wing of Radical Republicanism in the South was dubbed the

a. Populist Party. b. Carpetbaggers Club. c. Republideserve to Brotherhood. d. Union Organization.

The Republideserve to state Rebuilding and construction governments in the South made substantial and also long-lasting success in

a. public education and learning. b. babsence management advancement. c. Afrideserve to Amerideserve to civil civil liberties. d. labor organizing.

One important fregulation of southerly Rebuilding federal governments was their

a. assistance of the convict leasing system. b. focus on promoting public education for black however not white kids. c. faitempt to resolve the concern of women’s civil liberties. d. faitempt to exclude spiritual institutions from federal government.

Which of the adhering to came to be critical community institutions for African Americans throughout the South in the time of Reconstruction?

a. Churches b. New babsence colleges c. Local boards of health and wellness d. City parks

Why was the Civil Rights Act of 1875 significant?

a. It faibrought about attain ratification and damaged Charles Sumner’s heart and wellness. b. The legislation was the last congressional initiative to resolve civil rights until the 1960s. c. The act forced the desegregation of both churches and also colleges throughout the South. d. It failed to address the worry of women’s suffrage and also add the word sex to the Constitution.

Which politician’s fatality noted the waning of Radical Reconstruction?

a. William Seward b. Abraham Lincoln c. Charles Sumner d. Andrew Johnchild

In the 1872 presidential election, the still disorganized Democratic Party

a. sustained Samuel Tilden for president. b. exposed the Whisvital Ring scandals. c. demanded civil legal rights for Afrihave the right to Americans. d. allied through the reform-minded Liberal Republicans.

Ex-Confedeprices that smust rerevolve political and economic control of the South to white southerners after the Civil War were known as

a. Redeemers. b. nullifiers. c. secessionists. d. carpetbaggers.

What was the goal of the Ku Klux Klan under the management of previous Confederate basic Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1866?

a. To rebrand-new the Confedeprice cause and fight for self-reliance from the Union b. To use any kind of implies to damages the Republihave the right to government of Tennessee c. To sway the Republic federal government in Tennessee to repeal some Reconstruction legislation d. To fight versus the breakthrough of all blacks in the South

Reconstruction finished in 1877 because

a. the North shed interemainder in the reason. b. African Amerideserve to federal government leaders in the South were inexperienced. c. the north federal government had actually achieved all it had actually planned. d. the Democratic Party lost its political base in the South.

Why did Republicans nominate Rutherford B. Hayes for president in 1876?

a. His state, New York, was vital to winning the election. b. He promised to end Rebuilding and construction, which had actually come to be a Republihave the right to liability. c. He had won a reputation for honesty and appeared to be safe from charges of corruption d. His partnership via Grant would defend influential yet corrupt Republicans.

Which of the adhering to statements explains the election of 1876?

a. The Democratic candiday won the popular vote but not the electoral vote. b. The Republihave the right to candiday won the renowned vote, however a number of minor parties siphoned off sufficient electdental votes to pressure the election right into the House of Representatives. c. The Democratic candiday won the popular vote, however Republideserve to officials in 3 southerly says certified Republideserve to victories, sending 2 sets of electoral votes to Congress. d. President Grant ran for, but fairesulted in win, an unprecedented 3rd term.

Why was the election of 1876 significant?

a. The outcome was identified by an electoral commission established by Congress. b. It served as proof that southerly Republideserve to leaders were incompetent. c. It was disrupted by the third-party candidacy of Horace Greeley. d. The election was proof that a lot of voters wanted to proceed armed forces Rebuilding in the South.

“Tbelow are no much better markers of African-Amerideserve to political struggle and advance in the post-emancipation duration than the vigilantism of the Ku Klux Klan. Like previous paraarmy outfits, Klans sneed to enpressure the general subordination of previous slaves and to punish whites and blacks who tested or threatened a variety of racially identified hierarchies. But Klans were specifically associated in combating the social and political effects of Radical Rebuilding, and their targets consist of a roster of the individuals, organizations, and also advances that made those effects tangible.”

— Steven Hahn, historian, A Nation Under Our Feet:

Babsence Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slavery to the Great Migration, 2003

The principle in the excerpt a lot of strongly argues which of the adhering to around the South in the 1860s and also 1870s?

a. President Andrew Johnchild betrayed Lincoln’s objectives for the Civil War through his minimal program for Rebuilding and construction. b. The successes of radical Rebuilding catalyzed the Redeemers’ project to terrorize the South’s Republicans. c. Although the Civil War finished slaincredibly, the Klan ensured that Rebuilding and construction had actually little influence on Afrideserve to Americans’ lives in the South. d. Radical Rebuilding made concrete alters for Afrideserve to Americans however had actually little bit impact on southern whites’ attitudes and actions.

“Tright here are no better markers of African-American political battle and breakthrough in the post-emancipation period than the vigilantism of the Ku Klux Klan. Like previous paraarmy outfits, Klans sought to enpressure the basic subordination of former slaves and to punish whites and also blacks that tested or endangered a selection of racially characterized hierarchies. But Klans were especially affiliated in combating the social and also political consequences of Radical Reconstruction, and also their targets consist of a roster of the people, institutions, and developments that made those effects tangible.”

— Steven Hahn, historian, A Nation Under Our Feet:

Babsence Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slavery to the Great Migration, 2003

The advances explained in the excerpt contributed to which of the adhering to events?

a. The passage of the Fifteenth Amendment b. A readjust in the balance of power in between Congress and the presidency c. The faiattract of radical Republicans’ efforts to transdevelop racial attitudes and culture in the South d. The opening up of political avenues for previous servants

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“Tright here are no much better markers of African-Amerideserve to political struggle and also advancement in the post-emancipation duration than the vigilantism of the Ku Klux Klan. Like previous paramilitary outfits, Klans sshould enforce the basic subordination of previous slaves and also to punish whites and blacks who tested or intimidated a variety of racially characterized hierarchies. But Klans were especially connected in combating the social and also political effects of Radical Rebuilding and construction, and their targets comprise a roster of the individuals, organizations, and breakthroughs that made those repercussions tangible.”

— Steven Hahn, historian, A Nation Under Our Feet:

Black Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slaexceptionally to the Great Migration, 2003

Which of the adhering to events would the majority of straight assistance the discussion Hahn makes in the excerpt?

a. White Southerners’ building of a Confedeprice monument in the late 1800s b. Tennescheck out Democrats’ strikes on supporters of the state’s Republican governor c. Southern legislators’ enactment of Babsence Codes d. The passage of the Fourteenth Amendment