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Transcribed image text: Which of the adhering to statements around advertising campaigns is true? Multiple Choice O It is a repertoire of coordinated advertisements that share a single template. O Today's consumers suffer heralding campaigns using social media. Many consumers will suffer proclaiming projects via standard media. A firm's advertising project communicates multiple themes about multiple products. Firms do not must spend billions of dollars to appeal to a large number of individuals Which of the adhering to statements around the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) is accurate? Multiple Choice Its guidelines carry out not think about consumer privacy. Participation is mandatory. Participation is voluntary. Its regulations have actually been superseded by strict privacy regulations enacted by the Federal Trade Commission. Those who don't participate need to follow different federal regulations. Which of the complying with employees a lot of most likely faces customer comments on a company's Facebook page? Multiple Choice social media marketing manager social media designer social media analyst influencer connections employee digital area manager The Sherpani brand is a product leader in lifestyle bags for womales. The brand also is inspired by modern-day alpine society. The firm makes good effort to reflect this society in its bags' modern, natural, and minimal style and in the organic, eco-friendly materials it offers to develop its products. Which step of successful branding strategy does Sherpani exemplify? Multiple Choice Create a constant brand photo. Conduct brand research. Deliver a high quality product. Capture feedback Create constant brand also messaging. Jin walks previous a perchild transferring a red bag decorated via a red and also white bull's-eye and automatically knows he is near a Targain save. Target's usage of the red and also white bull's-eye on its packaging is an example of which kind of marketing interaction method? Multiple Choice personal interaction press point of purchase physical area electronic media According to your message, brand revitalization regularly begins through Multiple Choice employee training and education and learning. remaking the product. revamping its promotional project. O rebuilding trust through stockholders.

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restructure trust via consumers.