A.Heavy monsoons boost agricultural output.B.A weak monsoon seachild can bring about drought and also starvation.C.Heavy monsoons hurt agricultural economies.D.Monsoons deserve to cause disastrous landslides and also floods.A.Rice farming responds well to heavy monsoons.B.

C.Landslides and also floods have the right to take place on a big scale in the time of monsoons.D.Monsoons are primarily good for IndiaAll...

A.Heavy monsoons are a boom to neighborhood economic climates.B.Weak monquickly periods reduced agricultural output.C.Monquickly climate is good for rice farming.D.Monsoons can cause terrible landslides and also floods.Rice farming responds well to heavy monsoons

Landslides and also floods have the right to happen on a large scale during monsoons

monsoons are primarily great for India

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