15 All dividends, other than for liquidating dividends, reduce the complete stockholders" equity of a corporation.

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16 Dividends payable in assets of the corporation various other than cash are called building dividends or dividends in sort.
47 At the day of the financial statements, prevalent stock shares issued would certainly exceed widespread stock shares outstanding as a result of thea. declaration of a stock separation. b. declaration of a stock dividend. c. purchase of treasury stock. d. payment in full of subscribed stock.
48 An enattempt is not made on thea. date of declaration. b. day of record. c. day of payment. d. An enattempt is made on every one of these days.
49 Cash dividends are phelp on the basis of the variety of sharesa. authorized. b. issued. c. exceptional. d. impressive less the number of treasury shares.
50 Which of the following statements about home dividends is not true?a. A residential property dividfinish is commonly in the develop of securities of various other providers. b. A building dividfinish is also referred to as a dividend in sort. c. The bookkeeping for a residential or commercial property dividfinish should be based upon the delivering value (book value) of the nonfinancial assets moved. d. All of these statements are true.
51 Houser Corporation owns 4,000,000 shares of stock in Baha Corporation. On December 31, 2010, Houser spread these shares of stock as a dividend to its stockholders. This is an example of a a. residential or commercial property dividfinish. b. stock dividfinish. c. liquidating dividfinish. d. cash dividfinish.
52 A dividfinish which is a go back to stockholders of a portion of their original investments is a a. liquidating dividend. b. residential property dividfinish. c. liability dividend. d. participating dividfinish.
53 A mining agency claimed a liquidating dividend. The journal entry to document the declaration should incorporate a delittle to a. Retained Salaries. b. a paid-in funding account. c. Accumulated Depletion. d. Accumulated Depreciation.

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54 If administration wishes to "capitalize" part of the income, it may problem a a. cash dividend. b. stock dividfinish. c. property dividend. d. liquidating dividfinish.
55 Which dividends carry out not alleviate stockholders" equity?a. Cash dividends b. Stock dividends c. Property dividends d. Liquidating dividends
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