The term "angular size" is provided to explain the apparent dimension of the objects in the night skies.

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The angular distance is identified as the angle via which an object moves on a circular route. The SI unit is radian.

Other devices are radvancement (rev) and also degrees.

In statement 1, angular distance is measured in meters which is incorrect. In other alternatives, tright here is no factual mistake so they are correct.

Let"s discuss them,

Statement 2:

Here, we are talking around the usage of outextended hand also to estimate the angular ranges and sizes which is correct.

Statement 3:

This statement talks around the very same angular sizes of the sunlight and also the moon, below the term is aget used effectively.

Statement 4:

Here, the angular distance is measured in the correct systems i.e, levels so this statement is also correct.



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You understand the right answer?
Which of the complying with statements does not usage the term angular dimension or angular distance correctly?...

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