which of the adhering to statements is true about proclaiming by a monopolistically competitive firm? Select One:

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a. Advertising will certainly be more advantageous if a monoplistic competitor colludes through various other firms to advertise the products of the market as whole fairly than an individual firm"s product.
b. monopolistispeak to competitive firms tfinish to shum advertising because declaring draws attention to the variety of differentiated commodities accessible in the market.
c. Advertising can make the monopolistic competitor"s demand even more inelastic, yet advertising has no impact on a perfect competitor"s demand
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c. Advertising can make the monopolistic competitor's demand also more inelastic, yet a…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: 1494160 e Sign in to your acco u ll moodle - Yahoo Service Desk MyBooks This course Which of the following statements is true around proclaiming by a monopolistically contend Select one a Advertising will certainly be more beneficial fa monopolistic contender colludes with others to the pas t sector as a whole quite than an individual firm's product b. Monopolistically competitive firms tend to shun declaring bereason advertising as a mea differentiated commodities easily accessible in the sector c. Advertising could make the monopolistic competitor's demand even more inelastic, but proclaiming has bee n a potect competitor's demand also . d. Since the monopolistic competitor, favor the perfect challenger, provides zero profit in the long ru s a waste of sources to advertise its assets X One of your classmates asserts that declaring, marketing research study, and also brand also man expenditures bereason a firm have the right to obtain the very same indevelopment by simply looking at w already buying. Which of the complying with is not an answer you could offer her Select one a Advertising and also brand also monitoring permit a firm to develop an entry barer which will insula and also from undertaking better product developments b. Marketing study can permit a firm to recognize brand-new market methods and also at leastern at make a profit providing assets to this market segment c Conducting sector research is a great means creates to save abreastern of transforming consume d. If a firm successfully manperiods its brand customers become much less price sensitive as they the firm's brand DELL