Many ERP software program implementations totally accomplish seamless integration.ERP software packeras are themselves combicountries of seperate applications for manufacturing, products, resource planning, basic ledger, human sources, procurement and order enattempt.Integration of ERP systems have the right to be accomplished in just one means.An ERP package implemented uniformly throughout an enterpincrease is likely to contain exceptionally flexible connections to permit charges and also software application variations.

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Option 2 : ERP software program packages are themselves combinations of sepeprice applications for production, materials, resource planning, general ledger, human resources, procurement and order entry.
The correct answer is "option 2".


ERP which stands for Enterpincrease Resource Planning is a software supplied by organizations for service activities like:

Project managementRisk administration & complianceSupply chain operationsAccounting

ERP is used to keep crucial knowledge that is used to make decisions that improve the organization's performance.

ERP packages are designed & offered to integrate many kind of sensible areas of organization like finance, huguy resources, and so on.

Hence, ERP software program packeras are themselves combicountries of separate applications for manufacturing, materials, reresource planning and so on.

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