Entities are offered to display screen personalities that have special HTML interpretations, such as "".

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Statement II: False

Not eexceptionally request sends out the cookies. It depends on the cookie configuration and client-server link. For instance, if your cookie's secure choice is collection to true then it should be transmitted over a secure HTTPS link. This suggests when you watch that website with HTTP protocol then these cookies won't be sent by browsers as the secure flag is true.If the cookie has actually been expired it will certainly not sfinish by browsers as the secure flag is true.

∴ Hence the correct answer isNeither (a) nor (b) is TRUE.

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H.T.M.L stands for:
Q2. Match the difficulty domain names in GROUP I with the solution modern technologies in GROUP II.Group IGroup IIPService-oriented computing1InteroperabilityQHeterogeneous interacting systems2BPMNRIndevelopment representation3Publish-find-bindSProcess description4XML
Q3. Which among the adhering to is not an HTML tag?
Q4. Which of the complying with statements about XML is/are True ?(A) XML is a collection of tags designed to tell browsers how to display screen text and imperiods in a web web page.(B) XML specifies a syntaxation for representing data. but the interpretation of information varies from application to application(C) , and are three various tags in XML.Choose the correct answer from the choices provided below:
Q5. Which of the adhering to statements is/are TRUE ?(a) In HTML, character entities are provided to incorporate exterior content right into a web page, such as imeras.(b) Once a web server returns a cookie to a browser, the cookie will certainly be had in all future researches from the web browser to the very same server.
Q6. Consider the complying with HTML table definition:
Text A
Text B Text C
Text D Text E
Text F
The above HTML code would render on display screen as:
Q7. The maximum length of an attribute of kind text is
Q8. To include a background shade for all aspects, which of the following HTML, syntaxes is used
Q9. Which of the adhering to is TRUE only for XML, but not for HTML?
Q10. Limitations of the XML Documents Type are:
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Q1. H.T.M.L stands for:
Q2. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) has actually language facets which permit particular actions other than describing the framework of the internet document. Which one of the adhering to actions is NOT supported by pure HTML (without any server or client side scripting) pages?
Q3. Match the difficulty domain names in GROUP I with the solution innovations in GROUP II.Group IGroup IIPService-oriented computing1InteroperabilityQHeterogeneous interacting systems2BPMNRInformation representation3Publish-find-bindSProcess description4XML
Q4. Consider the complying with scenario.A internet client sends a research to a internet server. The internet server transmits a routine to that client and is executed at client. It creates a internet document. What are such web files called?
Q5. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) opeprices at which port number?
Q6. Which among the adhering to is not an HTML tag?
Q7. _______ is used to transmit information on the World Wide Web.
Q8. What is the web browser name that is arisen by google ?
Q9. Bing is a __________.

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Q10. Website is a collection of ____________.
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