In a process costing mechanism, the journal enattempt offered to record the carry of systems from Department A, a processing department, to Department B, the next handling department, has a debit to: Goethe Company supplies the weighted-average approach in its process costing system. The following information was obtainable about one of the company’s processing departments:

Tright here were 108,000 identical devices of production via respect to convariation expenses during the existing month.Tbelow were 15,000 devices in the department"s start work-related in process inventory, which were two-thirds complete via respect to convariation costs.Throughout the current month, 105,000 units were started and 100,000 were completed and transferred out of the department.

The finishing job-related in process inventory in the department: Golden Company kind of provides the weighted-average approach in its procedure costing mechanism. The following indevelopment was obtainable for among its handling departments:

The start work-related in procedure inventory included 16,000 units, which were 75% complete via respect to conversion prices.The department converted the tantamount of 59,000 units of manufacturing during the current month.A full of 50,000 units were completed and transferred out of that department in the time of the existing month.The ending work in procedure inventory consisted of 12,000 systems, which were 50% finish via respect to convariation expenses.

The variety of systems started throughout the month in that department was: Barnes Company type of provides the weighted-average strategy in its procedure costing mechanism. The agency sold 250,000 units during the present month. The complying with data were taken from the company"s audit records: What were the indistinguishable units of manufacturing for convariation costs in the Packing Department for the present month? Zook Company offers the weighted-average technique in its procedure costing system. The complying with data for the Mixing Department were taken from the company’s bookkeeping records. The indistinguishable devices of production for conversion expenses were: Addingly Company offers the weighted-average technique in its procedure costing system. The adhering to information comes to one of its handling departments for the current month: All materials are included at the beginning of the procedure. The cost per equivalent unit for materials is closest to: Erie Company kind of supplies the weighted-average approach in its process costing system. The firm has just a single processing department. The company"s finishing occupational in procedure inventory included 36,000 systems. The devices in the ending job-related in process inventory were 50% finish with respect to products and also 30% finish with respect to labor and also overhead. If the prices per equivalent unit for the present duration were $5.50 for products and $8.50 for labor and also overhead, the complete cost assigned to the finishing occupational in process inventory was: Ontario Company type of offers the weighted-average method in its procedure costing mechanism. The Baking Department is the 3rd department in its manufacturing procedure. The data below summarize the department"s operations during the present month: The Baking Department"s production report suggests that the expense per equivalent unit for convariation cost for the existing month was $8.24. How a lot convariation cost was assigned to the units moved out of the Baking Department throughout the current month? The beginning job-related in procedure inventory in the Milling Department contained 10,000 devices, 50% complete through respect to products expense and also 60% finish with respect to convariation expenses. The total cost of the start inventory was $60,000. Throughout the month, 50,000 systems were moved out of this department.

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The tantamount unit cost was computed to be $4.00 for products and $7.40 for convariation prices under the weighted-average method. Given this indevelopment, the total expense of the systems completed and also transferred out of this department throughout the month was: