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At Cal Poly, you will certainly put understanding right into activity. The experience you will acquire will aid ensure that you will certainly be prepared to take on whatever comes next — from daily difficulties to the world"s a lot of pressing troubles.

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Considering attfinishing Cal Poly in the future? We have actually put together devices for you to learn more about what we need to market. 

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Our core philosophy

Since 1901

Learn by Doing suggests that we don’t check out a difference between the education and learning we provide and the “actual world.” Here, experiences are part of the curriculum. That’s because knowledge is inextricably connected to the people around us. To learn is to execute. To perform is to learn. At Cal Poly, each fuels the other.

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Our ImpactCal Poly students, faculty and also staff are constantly playing an energetic part in helping settle some of California’s — and the world’s — most facility difficulties. 


Cal Poly researchers attempt to discover potential treatments for two terrifying diseases — Ebola and Anthrax. 


A team of engineering students study means to better predict power output for different solar tracking settings — and also generate more power for campus over time.


Strengthening Food SupplyA student start-up is emerging modern technology to aid thrive food even more properly and strengthen global food supply. 

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Six Colleges, One Unifying Philosophy.

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Cal Poly"s six academic colleges offer even more than 150 undergraduate majors and minors and over 50 graduate programs. Regardmuch less of college, all of our programs emphadimension hands-on finding out and also real-people endure in their curriculum. 


Cal Poly is building a diverse, equitable and also inclusive campus area to prepare students for the future.