Different Types of Pleas

by Selena Crawford | Oct 6, 2021 | Blog Posts, NC Criminal Defense, SC Criminal Defense


You may have actually viewed on television reflects where a perkid charged via a crime is in court and also states to the judge either “guilty” or “not guilty”. This happens after a person has been arrested and charged with a crime. They will then show up in court at an arraignment and also enter the plea they decide on. It is not constantly as basic as it is depicted on television yet, bereason it is not babsence or white. This blog will carry out more information on the various types of prents a defendant deserve to make and also what they each expect.

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As always, this blog is intfinished for informational objectives only and also is not intended as a substitute for the advice and counsel of a criminal defense attorney.

Guilty Plea

Entering a “guilty” plea in North Carolina method that you acknowledging guilt for the crime(s) that you have been charged via. Some guilty pleas are a result of a plea bargain, which is debated in another blog. After entering that guilty plea, what happens next? Well, the judge will commonly ask the defendant a collection of inquiries to make sure that the perboy is knowingly and also intelligently making this decision. If the defendant proceeds through the guilty plea, they will be sentenced. Depfinishing on the County and level of court, a plea transcript is a part of this process.

No dispute or “nolo contendere”

Entering a “no contest” or “nolo contendere” indicates that the defendant is neither accepting nor denying obligation for the charge(s) however she/he is accepting the punishment.

Alford Plea

This is a plea that is not embraced in eextremely state (or in all circumstances) and also frequently civilization obtain puzzled by its meaning. An Alford plea is as soon as someone does not admit guilt yet acknowledges that he/she would many likely be convicted based on evidence and various other factors. Under such scenarios, the perchild has decided that taking a plea would be in his best interest, even though he is not admitting guilt. An Alford is treated choose a guilty plea.

Not guilty

When a criminal defendant pleads not guilty, the following phase of his case begins. What happens next is that the situation is collection for trial. Prior to that trial day tright here might be additional court days such as pre-trial conferences, or evaluation hearings. Additional, the defendant and also his attorney spend more of their time focusing on preparing for trial.

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