Discrimination — (1) The act or process of evaluating insurable dangers anddetermining premiums on the basis of likelihood of loss. Insurance lawsprohilittle "unfair discrimination"—that is, the formulation of rates onthe basis of criteria that execute not sensibly measure the actual risk connected.(2) Unfair or illegal therapy of or denial of rights topersons on the basis of certain arbitrarily favored qualities orcharacteristics, including race, sex, faith, creed, age, medicalproblem, pregnancy, sex-related orientation/choice, physical appearance,marital condition, physical or mental discapability, or national beginning.Discrimicountry does not usually autumn within the coverage terms of thecommercial general licapacity (CGL) plan (and also might also be specificallyexcluded by endorsement) yet might be spanned as a type of individual injury (PI)under some umbrella plans. However, employment methods licapability insurance(EPLI) covers a range of employment-associated claims, including discrimination.

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