not aprefer in character or quality; distinctive in nature; dissimilar: The 2 brothers are exceptionally different also though they're the same twins.

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not identical; separate or distinct: When I asked for directions, three civilization provided me three different answers.
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First tape-recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin different- (stem of differēns ), present participle of differre “to scatter, disperse”; see differ, -ent
Although it is typically declared that various need to be adhered to only by from, not by than, in actual consumption both words occur and also have for at least 300 years. From is more common today in presenting a phrase, however than is likewise used: New York speech is different from (or than ) that of Chicearlier. Than is supplied to present a clause: The stream followed a various course than the map proved. In sentences of this form, from is periodically offered rather of than; as soon as it is, more words are necessary: a various course from the one the map proved. Regardmuch less of the sentence building, both from and than are conventional after various in all ranges of spoken and also composed American English. In British English to typically complies with various : The early illustrations are very various to the later ones. The use of different in the sense “unusual” is well establimelted in all yet the many formal American English: The décor in the new restaurant is really various.
diff, diffeomorphism, differ, difference, difference thresorganize, various, various as night and also day, differentia, differentiable, differentiable manifold, differential


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Things that are various from one an additional are not achoose in character or quality. How does various compare to synonyms various, distinctive, and also diverse? Find out on 

contrasting, disparate, unique, distinctive, strange, offbeat, diverse, various, particular, distant, various other, divergent, unexplained, rare, unconventional, original, certain, extraplain, strange, bizarre