Think of all the metal offered in nails and also screws. Bricks are made from clay, and also cement and also plasterboard are likewise made of minerals.

Can you think of any kind of other structure products made from minerals? Scroll down and also discover out more about the minerals provided in structure.

Bricks and also tiles

Bricks and also tiles are made from clay minerals. When wet, the clay can be shaped, and then fired to make floor, wall, and roof tiles, as well as residence bricks. Think around the properties of clay:

Easy to form as soon as wet Strong and also rigid when fired Impermeable as soon as fired A thermal insulator

You have the right to check out why we make bricks from clay. Find Out even more about the clay minerals


As well as being an ingredient in bricks, clay minerals additionally make up much of the material used to stick them together - Portland cement. Clay is blended through limerock and other minerals, consisting of one called gypsum that is included to aid the cement harden. Think about the properties of cement:

Easy to shape and also sticky once wet Quick to collection (or harden) Strong and rigid as soon as collection Impermeable once collection

Discover more about the minerals we usage to make cement


When powdered gypamount is heated and then combined through water, it can set into a solid mass. This provides it a very useful building material, creating the plaster and also plasterboard that create the wall surfaces apprmuzic-ivan.infoimately you. Think around the properties of gypsum:

Easy to form when wet Rapid to collection (or harden) Strong and also rigid as soon as set

You can see why we make plaster from gypamount. Find Out more around the mineral gypsum

Nuts, bolts, nails and also screws

Tright here are many type of minerals affluent in iron. Iron is most likely the many important metal used in building. When it is made right into steel, it can act as a frame in big buildings and high-rise buildings. Bolts, nails and screws are frequently made of steel yet are coated through another steel, such as zinc, to speak them rusting. Think about the properties of nails and also screws:

Strong Rigid Hard Do not rust

Find Out more around the minerals we use to make nails and screws

Pipes and also wiring

In the previous, the pipes delivering water to your taps would certainly have actually been made from lead. Lead comes from a mineral called galena, but bereason we currently recognize lead is poisonous, copper and plastic pipes are supplied instead. Copper is also used in electrical wiring, as it is a wonderful conductor of electrical energy. Think about the properties of copper:

Impermeable Flexible Stretchy (if you pull hard)A good electrical conductor

You deserve to view why we make pipes and wires from copper. Find Out more about the minerals we usage to make pipes and wires


What would a residence be without windows? Dark! The glass in windows lets natural light into your house and also allows you to watch outside. Glass is made from quartz. It is melted down, and mixed through other ingredients to produce glass of many type of various sizes, shapes and colours. Think about the properties of quartz:

HardRigidImpermeableTransparent (see-through)

You can check out why we make glass from quartz. Discover more about the mineral quartz Photo courtesy of Valerie Environment-friendly at the Stained Glass Centre

Finishing touches - residence numbers

You can"t have actually a residence without numbers - the postmale wouldn"t understand where to discover you! Many kind of home numbers are made from metal. The ones in the image are coated in a metal dubbed chromium that originates from a mineral dubbed chromite. Think around the properties of chromium:

Does not rust quickly Is excellent for usage outdoors

You have the right to see why we make house numbers from chromium.

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Find Out even more around the mineral chromite

Find out about the minerals we use eexceptionally day...

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