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Which of the adhering to payment kinds call for you to pay upfront?Money orderCashier’s checkPre-phelp cardAll of the above
Which of the adhering to are true if you pay only the minimum amount each month in the direction of your credit card bill?A. You will certainly be charged interemainder on your remaining balanceB. Your Annual Percentage Rate will certainly increaseC. You may be in debt for a long time
If you are planning to bring a big balance on your crmodify card, which of the following credit card functions must you look for?Low APRLow balance carry feeLots of credit card rewardsA big crmodify limit
Which of the following is NOT true of crmodify cards?Some sell rewardsYou have the right to be charged a fee if you’re late making a monthly paymentOffer highest level of fraud protectionBest payment type to use when sticking to a budget
Which of the following is NOT a common crmodify card fee?Late feeAnnual membership feeBalance transfer feeMinimum payment fee
Which of the complying with tells you how a lot your crmodify card interemainder will be if you only pay the minimum balance each month?Late feeAnnual membership feeBalance carry feeAnnual Percentage Rate
Which of the complying with is true of both paying through a examine and paying through a debit card?Both are welcomed by a lot of people and also businessesWhen supplied, both take money straight from your accountA individual identification number have to be anytime checks or debit cards are usedBoth occupational favor a loan from your financial institution that you can pay earlier later
Which of the adhering to is true?Checks and also Delittle Cards both withattract money directly from a bank account.Checks are the the majority of extensively embraced create of paymentDelittle bit Cards regularly have a higher interest price than Credit Cards.Delittle bit cards sell the highest possible level of fraud security.
Which of the complying with statements comparing delittle cards to credit cards is TRUE?Debit cards permit you to attract funds straight from your checking account.Delittle cards commonly offer greater fraud defense than crmodify cards.Delittle bit cards never need a signature to finalize a purchase prefer credit cards.Delittle cards charge greater interest rates on purchases than credit cards.
Which payment method generally charges the greatest interest rates?Crmodify cardsCashier’s checksPre-passist cardsPayday loans
Which of the follow will certainly happen if you miss out on a monthly credit card payment?You will be charged a late feeYou shed reward pointsYour APR will rise the following monthBoth A and also B
Which of the complying with can increase your crmodify card’s APR?Paying the minimumMissing a credit card paymentPaying off the full balanceCashing in on rewards points



Payment Types Everfi Reflection

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Before: What did I understand around forms of payment prior to this module?

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At leastern answer these guiding inquiries.

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What are all the benefits of utilizing cash?What are all the disadvantages?Wright here deserve to you not use it?How does a delittle bit card work?Why would certainly you use it instead of cash?How does a crmodify card work?

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