in psychoevaluation, the patient’s transfer to the analyst of emovements connected through other relationships (such as hatred for a parent)
a type of counterconditioning that associates a pleasant tranquil state via gradually raising anxiety-triggering stimuli. Commonly used to treat phopredisposition.methodical desensitization
a procedure for statistically combining the outcomes of many kind of different research studiesmeta-analysis
a now-rare psychosurgical procedure once provided to calm uncontrollably emotional or violent patients. The procedure reduced the nerves that affix the frontal lobes to the emotion-controlling centers of the inner brainlobotomy
in psychoanalysis, the analyst’s noting expected dream definitions, resistances, and also various other substantial behaviors in order to promote insightinterpretation
behavior techniques, such as organized desensitization, that treat anxieties by exposing world (in creativity or actuality) to the things they fear or avoidexposure therapies
the tendency for extremes of inexplicable scores to autumn ago towards the averageregression towards the mean
surgery that gets rid of or destroys brain tissue in an effort to readjust behaviorpsychosurgery
in psychoevaluation, the blocking from consciousness of anxiety-laden materialresistance
a actions therapy procedure that problems brand-new responses to stimuli that cause unwanted behaviors; basecounterconditioning
treatment that treats the family as system. Views an individuals’ unwanted habits as influenced by or directed at various other family members; attempts to guide household members toward positive relationships and boosted communicationfamily members therapy
a biomedical therapy for sevecount depressed patients in which a brief electrical existing is sent through the brain of an anesthetized patientelectroconvulsive therapy
Sigmund Freud’s therapeutic technique. Freud thought the patient’s free associations, resistances, dreams, and also transferences—and also the therapist’s interpretation of them—released previously repressed feelings, permitting thee patient to get self-insightpsychoanalysis
treatment that uses learning ethics to the elimicountry of unwanted behaviorsactions therapy
a famous integrated treatment that combines cognitive treatment (altering self-defeating thinking) through actions treatment (altering behavior)cognitive behavior therapy
involuntary movements of the facial muscles, tongue, and limbs; a possible neurotoxic side impact of irreversible use of antipsychotic drugs that target D2 dopamine receptorstardive dyskinesia
an approach to psychotreatment that, depending upon the client’s difficulties, provides approaches from assorted forms of therapyeclectic approach
emphatic listening in which the listener echoes, restates, and clarifies.

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A function of Rogers’ client-focused therapy
active listening
therapy that teaches human being new, even more adaptive means of reasoning and acting; based on the presumption that thoughts intervene between events and our emotional reactionscognitive therapy
the examine of the effects of drugs on mind and behaviorpsychopharmacology
an emotionally charged, confiding interactivity between a trained therapist and someone that suffers from psychological difficultiespsychotherapy
a humanistic therapy, arisen by Carl Rogers, in which the therapist provides approaches such as active listening within a real, accepting, empathetic setting to facilitate clients’ growthclient-focused therapy
a form of counterconditioning that associates an unpleasant state (such as nausea) with an undesirable habits (such as drinking alcohol)aversive conditioning
an operant conditioning procedure that rewards wanted habits. A patient exalters a token of some kind, earned for exhibiting the desired behavior, for various privileges or treatstoken economy
the application of repetitive pulses of magnetic power to the brain; provided to stimulate or suppush brain activityreceptive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
prescribed medications or clinical measures that act directly on the patient’s nervous systembioclinical therapy
an stress and anxiety therapy that increasingly exposes world to simulations of their best fears, such as plane flying, spiders, or public speakingvirtual reality exposure therapy