"Set honour in one eye and fatality i" the other, And I will look on both inin different ways, For let the gods so rate me as I love The name of honour more than I are afraid fatality."


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These words are included in Brutus" response to a question by Cassius in Act 1, Scene 2. Cassius approached Brutus, stating that he looked troubled. Brutus, in reply, shelp he was at battle with himself and supposed no disrespect. Cassius then flattered him and stated that he would certainly act as...

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These words are had in Brutus" response to a question by Cassius in Act 1, Scene 2. Cassius approached Brutus, stating that he looked troubled. Brutus, in reply, shelp he was at battle through himself and also intended no disrespect. Cassius then flattered him and also mentioned that he would certainly act as Brutus" mirror, mirroring him who he really was - an honourable and also respected citizen.

At this point, they heard a clamour. Brutus then said:

What implies this shouting? I do fear, the peopleChoose Caesar for their king.

At this, Cassius asked:

Ay, execute you fear it?Then should I think you would certainly not have actually it so.

Brutus replied:

I would not, Cassius; yet I love him well.But wherefore execute you hold me here so long?What is it that you would certainly impart to me?If it be aught towards the general excellent,Set honour in one eye and also death i" the various other,And I will look on both inin a different way,For let the gods so speed me as I loveThe name of honour even more than I are afraid death.

Two rhetorical tools are used in this excerpt. The initially is ethos, which describes the ethical facet which determines a character"s actions. Brutus is referring to honour and also deems it of greater prestige than the hazard of fatality. His actions will be established by his desire for honour more than his are afraid of death. 

Secondly, juxtaposition is offered, which refers to the act of placing 2 principles or things side by side for result. Brutus procedures honour versus fatality and also says that if he should view the two beside one an additional, he would certainly be fairly phlegmatic and also, therefore, uninvolved around either. However, if he have to need to make an option, he would conveniently pick honour for he loves it more than he fears death.

These words show the depth of Brutus" ethical character. He is prepared to danger his life for excellent. If he should percreate an act which brings honour not just to himself however to Rome, he would certainly execute so without are afraid. Brutus" response to the devious Cassius" question gives Cassius with the assurance that he deserve to appeal to Brutus" high ethical standards and also Brutus" love for Rome to assist him in the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar.

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It is thus that Cassius later speaks around Caesar"s frailty and compares Caesar to them. Cassius points out that Caesar will subjugate them and also that all Rome would certainly be enslaved, for Caesar would certainly become a tyrant. He is rather convincing and also Brutus later states that:

What you have saidI will certainly consider; what you have to sayI will with patience hear, and discover a timeBoth fulfill to hear and also answer such high things.Till then, my noble friend, chew upon this:Brutus had quite be a villagerThan to repute himself a son of RomeUnder these difficult problems as this timeIs choose to lay upon us.

Brutus confirms his loyalty to Rome and also essentially repeats what he already stated. It is clear he wishes to recognize more about Cassius" plans. The 2 later decide to meet, and the plot to be rid of Caesar grows.