Sedentary lifeformats are harmful. Sedentary lifeformats cause disease. Which sentence the majority of plainly combines these sentences into one cohesive thought?Sedentary lifestyles are a result of harmful disease.Lifestyles that bring about illness are harmful and also sedentary.Lifeformats that are sedentary and harmful lead to illness.Sedentary lifeformats are harmful and also bring about illness.

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“Sedentary lifestyles are harmful and outcomes in illness.”- clearly combines these sentences into one cohesive thought.
Sedentary lifestyles are harmful. Sedentary lifestyles result in condition. Which sentence most plainly combines these sentences right into one cohesive thought? Sedentary lifelayouts are a result of harmful disease. Lifeformats that lead to disease are harmful and sedentary. Lifestyles that are sedentary and also harmful bring about disease. Sedentary lifelayouts are harmful and bring about disease.
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