What did Gregor Mendel execute to research different features in his genes experiments?
He cross-pollinated plants.

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In Mendel’s experiments, what propercentage of the plants in the F2 generation had a trait that had been missing in the F1 generation?one fourth, 25%
Which term describes physical qualities that are studied in genetics?traits
Factors that control traits are calledgenes.
Scientists speak to an organism that has 2 different alleles for a trait ahybrid.
What does the notation AA mean to geneticists?2 leading alleles
What does the notation Aa expect to geneticists?one leading allele and one recessive allele
The different develops of a gene are calledalleles.
What is probability?a number that describes exactly how likely it is that an event will occur
What is the probcapacity of producing a tall pea plant from a hereditary cross between two hybrid tall pea plants?3 in four
What does a Punnett square show?What does a Punnett square show?
If a homozygous babsence guinea pig (BB) is crossed through a homozygous white guinea pig (bb), what is the probability that an offspring will certainly have black fur?100 percent
An organism’s physical appearance is itsphenokind.
An organism’s genotype is itsgenetic makeup.
An organism that has actually two similar alleles for a trait ishomozygous.
A heterozygous organism hastwo various alleles for a trait.
A purebred chicken with white feathers is crossed through a purebred chicken that has babsence feathers. Each of their offspring has actually both black and white feathers. Why does this happen?The alleles for feather color are neither dominant nor recessive.
What is the chromosome theory of inheritance?Genes are carried from parents to offspring on chromosomes.
Walter Sutton found that the sex cells of grasshoppers havehalf the variety of chromosomes found in the body cells.
What happens during meiosis?Chromosome pairs sepaprice and are distributed into brand-new sex cells.
When sex cells integrate to create offspring, each sex cell will certainly contributefifty percent the number of chromosomes in body cells.
Chromosomes are made up ofmany genes joined together.
What determines the hereditary code?the order of nitrogen bases along a gene
The order of the bases alengthy a gene determines the order in whichamino acids are put together to create a protein.
What does messenger RNA do in the time of protein synthesis?carries amino acids and adds them to the flourishing protein
What perform move RNA molecules do during protein synthesis?bring amino acids and include them to the flourishing protein
Where does protein synthesis take place?on the ribosomes in the cytoplasm of the cell
Which nitrogen base in RNA is NOT component of DNA?uracil
What is a mutation?any adjust in a gene or chromosome
A mutation is harmful to an organism if itreduces the organism’s chances for survival and remanufacturing.
A(n) ____________________ organism is the offspring of many kind of generations of organisms that have actually the very same trait.purebred
If a(n) ____________________ allele is current, its trait will certainly show up in the organism.dominant
In pea plants, the tall-stem allele and the short-stem allele are various develops of the very same ____________________.gene
If D represents the dominant allele of a gene, then ____________________ represents the recessive allele.d
Mendel used the principles of ____________________ to predict what percent of offspring would certainly display a specific trait.probability
A chart offered to predict outcomes of hereditary crosses is recognized as a(n) ____________________.Punnett square
In a cross between two hybrid Tt pea plants, ____________________ percent of the offspring will be Tt.50
An organism that has two leading or 2 recessive alleles is said to be ____________________ for that trait.homozygous
Alleles that are neither dominant nor recessive develop an inheritance pattern known as ____________________.

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The procedure in which a parent cell divides twice to create sex cells is dubbed ____________________.meiosis