Plant-Like Protists: Algae

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Diatoms are single-celled algae. Other forms of algae are multicellular.

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Why are algae thought about plant-like? The primary reason is that they contain chloroplasts and also create food through photosynthesis. However, they absence many other structures of true plants. For example, algae do not have roots, stems, or leaves. Some algae additionally differ from plants in being motile. They might relocate via pseudopods or flagella. Although not plants themselves, algae were more than likely the ancestors of plants.

Ecology of Algae

Algae play significant functions as producers in aquatic ecodevices. Microscopic develops live suspfinished in the water column. They are the main component of phytoplankton. As such, they contribute to the food base of a lot of marine ecodevices.

Multicellular seaweeds dubbed kelp may flourish as large as trees. They are the food base of ecosystems referred to as kelp forests (check out Figure below). Kelp forests are found throughout the sea in temperate and also arctic climates. They are extremely productive ecosystems.


Kelp Foremainder. This kelp woodland supports a large area of many kind of other kinds of organisms.

Category of Algae

Types of algae include red and green algae, and euglenids, and dinoflagellates (see Table below for examples). Scientists think that red and also green algae advanced from endosymmuzic-ivan.infotic relationships through cyanobacteria. Their chloroplasts have actually 2 membranes bereason the cell membranes of the cyanobacteria ended up being added plasma membranes of the chloroplasts. Scientists think that euglenids and dinoflagellates developed later, from endosymmuzic-ivan.infotic relationships through green and red algae. This is why their chloroplasts have actually 3 membranes. Differences in the types of chlorophyll in the 4 forms of algae likewise assistance the hypothesized evolutionary relationships.

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Type of Algae Origin of Chloroplast Type of Chloroplast

Red algae


cyanobacteria two membranes, chlorophyll prefer the majority of cyanobacteria

Eco-friendly algae


cyanobacteria two membranes, chlorophyll choose a minority of cyanobacteria



green algae 3 membranes, chlorophyll prefer green algae