Which units expush certain warmth capacity?J/°C, J/K, cal/°C, cal/KJ/(gi°C), J/(giK), cal/(gi°C), cal/(giK)J, cal°C, K

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Complete burning of a 0.600-g sample of a compound in a bomb calorimeter releases 24.0 kJ of heat. The bomb calorimeter has a mass of 1.30 kg and also a certain warm of 3.41 J/(gi°C). If the initial temperature of the calorimeter is 25.5°C, what is its final temperature?Use mc026-1.jpg.30.9°C34.5°C44.0°C51.5°C
The warm capacity of a sample need to be separated through which quantity to discover the certain warmth capacity?temperature in levels Celsiustemperature in kelvinsvolume in litersmass in grams
Which statement finest describes why particular warm capacity is regularly even more valuable than warmth capacity for scientists when comparing two materials?Specific heat capacity is an extensive building and also does not depend on sample dimension.Specific warm capacity is a substantial building and does not depend on sample dimension.Specific warm capacity is an intensive residential property and depends on the sample size.Specific heat capacity is an extensive building and also depends on the sample size.
A sample of an unwell-known substance has a mass of 0.465 kg. If 3,000.0 J of warm is compelled to heat the substance from 50.0°C to 100.0°C, what is the particular heat of the substance?Use mc008-1.jpg.0.00775 J/(gi°C)0.0600 J/(gi°C)0.129 J/(gi°C)0.155 J/(gi°C)
When 40.0 mL of 1.00 M H2SO4 is included to 80.0 mL of 1.00 M NaOH at 20.00°C in a coffee cup calorimeter, the temperature of the aqueous solution boosts to 29.20°C. If the mass of the solution is 120.0 g and the certain warm of the calorimeter and solution is 4.184 J/g • °C, just how a lot heat is provided off in the reaction? (Ignore the mass of the calorimeter in the calculation.)Use mc019-1.jpg.4.62 kJ10.0 kJ14.7 kJ38.5 kJ
Loren has the samples of facets that are noted below at room temperature. He exposes the samples to the same heat source until each sample reaches a temperature of 90.0°C. 10 g of Al(s) (mc003-1.jpg = 0.897 J/(gi°C))10 g of Ag(s) (mc003-2.jpg= 0.234 J/gi°C )10 g of Fe(s) (mc003-3.jpg = 0.450 J/gi°C)10 g of Zn(s) (mc003-4.jpg = 0.387 J/gi°C )From first to last, which lists the order in which these samples will reach 90.0°C?Al, Fe, Zn, AgAg, Zn, Fe, AlAl, Fe, Ag, ZnAg, Al, Zn, Fe
Which statement defines the warm capacity of a sample?the temperature of a given samplethe temperature that a provided sample can withstandthe quantity of heat that is required to raise the sample"s temperature by 1°C (or Kelvin)the amount of warmth that is forced to raise 1 g of the sample by 1°C (or Kelvin) at a given pressure
What would be the biggest difference in making use of an open ceramic coffee mug rather than an insulated mug through a lid as a calorimeter? boosted evaporation of the waterloss of gaseous reactantsinability to contain liquidsexreadjust of power through the surroundings
A sample of hexane (C6H14) has actually a mass of 0.580 g. The sample is melted in a bomb calorimeter that has a mass of 1.900 kg and also a certain warm of 3.21 J/giK. What amount of warmth is produced throughout the burning of hexane if the temperature of the calorimeter boosts by 4.542 K?Use mc017-1.jpg.8.46 kJ16.1 kJ27.7 kJ47.8 kJ


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