Havana, a beautiful city with historic areas, a captivating waterfront and a varied social heritage, is the perfect setting for a coherent cross-cultural learning experience. Founded in 1514, this Caribbean gem was a key to the Indies and among the many prosperous ports in the Americas. As you discover the highways of Havana, the rhythms of rumba surround you, together with the sights and also smells of Cuban culture. 

The Cuban world are outgoing, friendly and interested in meeting Americans. Cubans, including fellow students at Universidad de La Habana, take pride in their country and also in their varied cultural and also political heritage. Recent changes to US government regulations enable students enrolled in a college or university to take a trip to Cuba. Spanish Studies Abroad supplies students the rare possibility to immerse themselves in Cuba’s well-off blend of Afrideserve to, European and Amerideserve to societies, and also to endure it from within.

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Cuba Study Abroad: Cultural Information


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Population: 2.14 million Cuba Cuban peso and also convertible peso (CUC) The Malecón boardwalk, Colonial architecture, baseball, ballet

Choteo: A distinctly Cuban attitude

This mindset of Cubans is among the the majority of remarkable features that distinguishes them a lot of markedly from Americans. It is a positive perspective, a defiant resistance to the despair and also adversity that permeate their stays. How perform Cubans express their “choteo?” By sharing stories (regularly very humorous!), informing jokes, or playing music. A Cuban writer said it ideal as soon as he created, “En esas levedades, a veces sanas, otras premeditadas, el cubano desarrolla una resistencia que le permite encontrar luz donde todo parece apagaperform.” This ideal captures the Cuban choteo: to discover light wbelow tright here is full darkness. Perhaps the greatest lesson that Amerihave the right to students deserve to learn once they go to Cuba is one about perspective of life.

Classic Cuban Dishes

Breakrapid (Desayuno):Breakquick is frequently a small amount of strong coffee with hot milk, breview, fresh fruit, and eggs. Lunch (Almuerzo): Your class schedule will certainly determine your lunch schedule. Depfinishing on your schedule you might wish to buy your lunch in among the modestly priced cafetería snack stands near the university or to eat at a paladar or various other restaurant. Dinner (Cena or Comida):Dinner is served at 6:30 pm and also frequently consists of a soup or small salad, followed by rice and also beef, chicken, pork or fish in a salsa criolla, that is, a typical Cuban sauce, and is accompanied by a beverage of your alternative. Dessert and also coffee are also available. Cuban food is not spicy, but mildly flavored. Keep in mind to Vegetarians and VegansMeals in Cuba can be repeated with several pork and also rice, and also exceptionally few vegetables. We recommfinish that all our students be careful about their health and wellness, but vegetarians and vegans specifically must make certain they are gaining enough food and protein. We indicate bringing multi-vitamins via you, as well as granola or power bars, peanut butter or various other supplementary snacks. Some vegetarian restaurants in Havana are: Biki Vegetarian Restaurant (corner of Infanta and also San Larazo)Restaurant Vegetariano Carmelo (Calzada between Calles C and also D)Restaurante El Bambu (Jardin Botanico)

The Weather and How to Dress in Cuba

Comfortable is the word that best describes the climate and also dress in Cuba. June will be extremely hot (top 80s and also 90s) via high levels of humidity. Breezes blow in Havana throughout the year, particularly alengthy the waterfront Malecón, and also the rainy season (May – October) tapers off as winter ideologies. Almethods remember that the sunlight deserve to be quite intense and also come all set for that probcapacity. Clothing is casual for going to classes at the university. Lightweight semi-dressy or dressy clothes are correct for an evening out at a special restaurant or a nightclub. Rain gear have to be lightweight and also comfortable to use in the warm weather.

Cuban Social Life

Aside from the considerable entertainment of simply walking about and watching civilization in this safe city, tbelow is much popular music. The cafes and also restaurants in locations famous through tourists all seem to have groups of guitar, bongo and also flute players drifting in and also out. Many type of young civilization acquire together at community meeting places to play dominoes in the daytime and also to dance salsa and also rumbas in the evening. In enhancement, tright here are a number of well-known salsa dance halls and discos in Havana, through entrance prices from 5-20 CUC. Dancing is somepoint that moves all Cubans and also they love to have you join in!

Take courses in Spanish specifically designed for research awide students. Attend classes through various other global students researching Spanish language, society, history, company, education and learning, social scientific researches, and even more. Spanish Studies Abroad on-site resident directors and also regional professors teach a cultural reflection course to assist you understand and also combine via the society.

Advanced students enroll in one or even more constant courses in Spanish at the host university to complement the Spanish Studies Program curriculum. Sit side-byside through regional students. We administer you with all the benefits of straight enrollment, including access to campus resources and integration right into the university community. On-site resident directors help each student individually via course selection and registration, and choose a tutor for scholastic support.

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If you can’t acquire ameans for a full semester, short-lived programs are the finest choice. Intensive language and also culture content courses are available throughout our January and Summer Term programs.