A few months ago, my wife and I took my 2 boys to Monster Jam, the traveling monster truck competition and also demonstration show in the time of its Washington, D.C. speak. One of the trucks, Monster Mutt, comes out to Baha Men’s 2000, Grammy-award winning (!!!!!) cover, “Who Let The Dogs Out” Since then—though it has ramped up in the previous two weeks, the coronavirus strikes again—my boys have actually been obsessed through this song. They say “who let the dogs out?” all the moment. When we gain in the auto, they want to hear “Who Let The Dogs Out” on repeat.

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Thanks to My Kids, I Hope to Never before Hear ‘Old Tvery own Road’ Aacquire. I’ll Probably Listen to It Aget This...This is just an estimate, yet I’d wager that, to day, I’ve heard Lil Nas X’s smash hit, “Old Town…

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No lie, on Monday, I listened to this song at leastern 20 times in a row. Tright here was a web traffic hiccup on the means to institution. I waved to a fellow motorist with kids in the car asking for help. They did not speak and help. They just drove on by via the same look of “how many kind of gotdamn times deserve to you possibly listen to this song?!??!?!” look on their face. I hope it wasn’t “Who Let The Dogs Out” or “Baby Shark.” My guitar gently weeps.

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I melted dry, silent tears as my children danced as best as they can while being strapped into car seats. Safety first, ya know.