(Three amazing factoids about Erland also Van Lidth De Jeude, the Dutch actor that played Dynamo. One: He was an actual opera singer whose talent was written right into the character's "arc." Two: He was a computer system scientific research graduate of MIT. Three: He died of a heart assault, at the age of 34, just a couple of months after production on the film wrapped. In yet one more parallel to Heath Ledger, Van Lidth De Jeude never gained to watch audiences revel in his signature performance.)

The more you look at the cast, the even more ridiculous it gets. Jesse Ventura—in a toupee!—is in this movie. Jim Brvery own is in the movie. Dweezil Zappa is in the movie. Freaking Mick Fleetwood is in the movie. It likewise has probably my single favorite line of Arnold Schwarzenegger dialogue, and boy, there's plenty to pick from.

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But honestly, the reason I loved this movie as a kid, and the factor clips from the film still pop this particular day, is not bereason of Arnold, or the silly dystopian future, or some male obtaining castrated by a chainsaw. It's because of Richard Dawkid. For all the talk of the movie supposedly being ahead of its time, Dawson's performance is the only thing that feels modern anymore; you can imagine him as an evil, conniving media-monster villain simply too today as 25 years back. He's basically Simon Cowell crossed via Bob Barker via some Howard Stern thrown in tbelow for good measure: That's all to say, he's basically Ricdifficult Dawkid, that had actually the "I know all this shit's ridiculous so let's just have actually fun" wink decades prior to it ended up being the default social establishing. It's perfect for The Running Man, which wants Dawboy to be the loathsome bad male ... yet is completely aware that he's the a lot of charismatic actor in the film. (Casting the glib, smooth-talking Dawboy oppowebsite a still-struggling-with-the-language Schwarzenegger is a joke that's so efficient it's nearly mean.) You never before cheer for Dawson's Killian—Dawboy is charming and funny however never likable; he's much too a lot of an opportunistic huckster for that—but you do store waiting for him to obtain earlier on display screen.


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Basically, the film is chainexperienced fights sometimes interrupted by Richard Dawson having a grand also old time. He's the poor man, the comic relief, and basically the film's narrator all at once, and he pulls it off so well it's a bit of a shock he never acted aobtain. He can have actually played so many good '80s villains; if any of those old Bond movies had actually dared to have actually a feeling of humor, he'd have been wonderful as a Rupert Murdoch-esque media kingpin bent on people domination by means of schlock television.

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The best part about Dawson's performance is exactly how he allows the meta of the Family Feud Guy Playing An Evil Game Show Host thing job-related for him, infusage his totality performance. He's winking at the audience the entire time but not self-consciously and insincerely; he desires you to hate him in a means that makes you wonder if he always wanted you to hate him, to hate his project, to hate his incredibly television-ness. He's favor the evil Regis. It's kind of an impressive performance, as soon as you think around it; it'd be prefer Jay Leno all of a sudden getting here as a self-loathing, back-stabbing talk present organize who privately murders guests he doesn't choose. (And being really great at it.)

I didn't obtain any type of of this PoMo bullshit as soon as I provided to watch The Running Man, though. I just assumed the male from Family Feud was awesome and that I couldn't wait to view Arnold kill him. There was a time that that was enough. Tbelow was a time that I couldn't acquire sufficient of it.

(By the way, someone on YouTube has helpfully condensed The Running Man down to 11 minutes for you, and us. I watched the whole thing this morning. It's fundamentally the same experience as watching the original movie in its whole.)