Gianluca Russo is a freelance fashion and also society writer whose job-related has actually been published in GQ, Glamour, Teen Vogue, InStyle, Fashionista, and even more." data-inline-tooltip="true">Gianluca Russo

Gianluca Russo is a freelance fashion and society writer whose job-related has been published in GQ, Glamour, Teen Vogue, InFormat, Fashionista, and also more.

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Whether you're on board via or in opplace to Gen Z’s stance on skinny jeans, we have the right to all agree that the perfect pair of blue jeans will certainly never go out of style. And via spring in full swing, there’s no better time to dig out your favorite pair.

There’s a cathartic feeling that comes through the perfect pair of jeans. They're a wardrobe staple that evokes homeyness and also comfort in a method few other pieces of clothes deserve to enhance. That’s precisely why so many type of major music artists—from David Bowie to Lana Del Rey—have supplied blue jeans as incentive for some of their the majority of well-known tunes. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the height 10 blue jeans-motivated songs that will instantly get you in the mood to gain dressed.

If there’s one thing Lana Del Rey is perfect at, it’s offering the finest mood music for any occasion. And her single "Blue Jeans" does simply that. Combining her melodramatic sound with a sensual feel, the track is many reminiscent of one of Chuck Bass a la Gossip Girl’s soirees. It’s moving, effective, and also captures a romantic minute in time. 

If you’ve ever before wondered whether a song have the right to have actually as well much tambourine, Taper Jean Girl by Kings of Leon answers that question with a resounding "no." Released in 2004, this rock timeless is suited for a much more rustic occasion than a formal dinner party. After all, hearing lead singer Caleb Followill certainly screaming at you to shake is most likely a far better fit for an extra lively atmosphere.

How might we not encompass "Blue Jean" by David Bowie on this list? Some songs truly emit timeless energy, and also this banger is just one of them. A line from the song asks, "Is heaven any type of sweeter than Blue Jean?" Who knows, Bowie? But one thing’s for certain: few jeans-focused tunes have the right to enhance approximately this song's excellence. 

Although not completely around blue jeans, Katy Perry’s world-altering single "Teenage Dream" is a party favorite. The feels in which Ms. Perry has captured with the lyrics choose, “I'ma obtain your heart racing / In my skin-tight jeans / Be your teenage dream tonight," are universally relatable and enticing. Sorry Gen Z, yet if Katy states skin-tight jeans are in, then there’s no debate on that.

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Want to feel nostalgic? Although you might not identify this tune specifically by its name, probably this will ring a bell: Confessions of a Shopaholic. Yes, this song by artist Jessie James served as a lead track on the movie’s soundtrack, and it is height empowering. If you’re ever feeling choose redeveloping a classical movie scene, this is the track to play. 

Talk around a party classical. Apple Bottom jeans will certainly never go out of style, at least according to Flo Rida and also T-Pain. A crowd's power always goes via the roof once this song comes on. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, and everyone stays to acquire low. It may be 2021, however this song will certainly always make you desire to party prefer we’re still living in 2008. 

We’ll take any kind of excuse to put on a classical Stevie Nicks song, and also "Blue Denim" is at the optimal of our list. The tune evokes a nostalgic, homey feel as it compares crisp blue denim to the eyes of a dream man. And if you’ve ever before slipped right into the perfect pair of jeans, regardless of color or fit, you’ll recognize precisely what Nicks is singing around. 

Kid Rock has run the musical gamut in his career, from rap to Southern Rock and also past. In this grungy ballad via a country vibe, the singer tells exactly how he ran away from house as a teenager and uncovered salvation through an angel in blue jeans and also a rosary.

OK, hear us out: Does anything slap quite as difficult as a Hannah Montana throwback? If your party involves wigs, glitter, and maybe a cowboy hat, stream "Old Blue Jeans" for the finest vibes.