Who wins a comic book fight of Batmale vs. Flash? Does the Dark Knight even stand also a opportunity against the Scarlet Speedster?

Who wins it? Batman vs. Flash

There is a blur of red, lightning crackling throughout the surface of the ocean. The Flash has actually came down on a rocky beach referred to as Sapper Hill, on an island off the coast of Argentina. Barry Allen, the fastest guy alive, scans the terrain, trying to find any kind of sign of the guy they contact the World’s Greatest Detective.

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Flash Fact: Tright here are still 20,000 land mines here left over the Falkland problem. I don’t even desire to recognize exactly how Bruce controlled to gain the British federal government to provide him accessibility to the island, but it was a great choice. He’ll desire to manage the terrain. That means…

The first mines detonate, blossoming into shrapnel and flame. Laughing, Flash weaves around the explosions.

Aaaaand also tbelow they are. Clever, Bruce.

A mile amethod, Batmale frowns.

No great. The mines must have preserved him off balance. 

He secrets in a sequence of regulates to the unmanned Batairplane, flying a holding pattern 15,000 feet over the island. At his signal, the Batplane financial institutions, dropping 55-gallon drums of quick-drying riot foam on the island also.

Flash Fact: Terminal velocity is the maximum speed an object in free loss have the right to achieve: 9.8 m/s². In various other words…

The barrels hit the island also, the foam widening and also hardening, expensive brand-new flora the shade of mushrooms. Lightning flashes as a red blur evades the brand-new obstacles.

Too slow-moving, Bruce.

He sees the Batmobile, an imposing tank, bristling through weapons.

Let’s acquire you in on this party. 

Batman has actually barely a moment to register the streak coming in the direction of the Batmobile.

He’s not also a blur–he’s also rapid for the eye to register. There’s a smear of red on the horizon, and in the next moment…It takes a 2nd, possibly 2. There’s a flicker of red light, and also then he’s standing in front of the Batmobile. He’s stripped it dvery own to the tires–bean bag rounds and tear gas canisters in a little pile at his feet. 

In an eyebconnect, he’s standing on top of the Batmobile’s cockpit, knocking on the tempered glass.

“I know you’re in tbelow, Batman. Ready to obtain this over with?”

If he claims so.

An ear-splitting howl shatters the air, bringing the Flash to his knees. He’s clutching his head, his screams drowned out by the shrieking. Batman dives from behind a rock, a dozen yards from the Batmobile, and throws a pulsing blue grenade.

Barry’s the fastest guy alive. But he’s still acquired eardrums. 

The grenade explodes in a white cloud. Even this far ameans, via his insulated suit, Batmale can feel the chill.

Cryo-grenades. Adapted from Freeze’s technology. They’ll slow him dvery own, but–

There’s a crack of lightning, and the Flash whips his head around, gritting his teeth against the pain and also cold.

Stupid. Got impatient. Too quick. You planned for this, Bruce. But I have the right to run a thousand scenarios of this fight eincredibly attosecond. And eincredibly one of them ends via you on the ground.

Batmale has actually an instant to register the Flash take a step, and then:

Flash Fact: Force amounts to mass times acceleration.

He’s nowhere close to height rate. But it’s still like getting hit by a truck.

Batmale flies backward, clutching his chest. The Flash is breathing greatly, shaking his arms, trying to job-related off the cold. He sees Batguy wincing as he goes for somepoint in his belt.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

The following minute, Barry is holding the belt, upending it and dumping its contents on the ground.

“I think we’re done here,” he claims to a panting Batman, on his hands and also knees. “You can’t capture me. You’re smart enough to understand that. Come on, Bruce. What was your endgame here?”

Through bacount parted lips, Batmale maneras to choke out a laugh. “Heh…you’re breathing it.”

For a minute, Barry doesn’t understand. Then he coughs, as soon as, twice, and falls to his knees beside Batguy.

“It’s a derivative of Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Affects the motor manage centers of the brain,” Batguy states, paincompletely gaining to his feet. “I’ve been pumping it out on the island also ever before since you gained here.” He pulls a syringe from his boot and also jabs it right into Flash’s leg. “I developed this paralytic to subdue Killer Croc, so it’ll hold you for a while.” He stands, and secrets in an additional sequence on his gauntlet. The Batairplane swoops low, all set to extract Batmale. “You’ll be fine in an hour or so,” he states to the motionmuch less speedster. “But you won’t be running any marathons any type of time soon.”

He supplies Barry a ghost of a smile. “Flash Fact.” 

Who Wins It? Batguy vs. Flash

Batman is victorious. Nerds on Planet readers schosen Batman to be victorious also, through over 65% of reader votes choosing the Caped Crusader to finest the Scarlet Speedster.

Batman breakthroughs to the following round, and also the stakes are increased.

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