Why does Fallout 3 provides bottle caps as currency?

» Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:07 pm

I thought the game was collection like a a century after Fallout 2. They"re currently making use of gold coins in Fallout 2, so why is bottle cap currency in Fallout 3. I never before gained that.

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» Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:04 am

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Gold Coins is a deluxe of having working railroadways, arranged society, and a room with gold mines. DC, on the other hand, is house to the Nuka Cola plant, and also sufficient Nuka Cola for caps to be obtainable, but scarce enough to not be undervalued, through sufficient negotiations to have the ability to agree on a prevalent tool of exreadjust.
For the factors proclaimed over, it"s plausible. As a style decision, though, I think it was simply bereason the first one provided bottle caps, honestly. Just a choice they made to try and also make it feel even more Fallout.

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An RPG needs a set money, its a standard that the majority of developers have left untouched, but various other than that, IMO - if society was still in the problem displayed in Fallout 3, tright here would be no widespread currency. As long as tright here is no autocratic government that spans across the multiple settlements, the wastelanders are still going to barter and also profession for everything they need. A wastelander in a situation favor Fallout 3 would hardly ever uncover the trust to provide up a things they might otherwise usage in exchange for any "money," unmuch less it was absolutely guaranteed that they can usage that currency to purchase what they would need in the next negotiation, and also the with the settlements differing in governpsychological preeminence from missing Big Town to the dictatorship of the Republic of Dave to the Mayor/Sheriff of Megaton, a bottlecap or any kind of various other currency just couldn"t prove worthwhile. In various other words, if I had some rags to cover my body and a tin have the right to for food and also water, I would certainly not trade my tin can for anypoint that I can"t automatically usage to much better my case. I wouldn"t trust "heres a bottlecap, you deserve to trade it over at Caries JunkShoppe for something else" because, in truth, I can not be able to trust Carie and also, if I adhered to Fallout 3"s currency, I would certainly finish up with some rags and a bottlecap. As useful as a bottlecap is in a sophisticated restaurant as a maketransition soup spoon, i"d more than likely choose the tin can in the Capital Wasteland.
I wonder if any of the Fallout 3 developers were British, as a widespread saying in London during the 1950s and also at an early stage 1960s, in the time of periods of poverty was "And just just how am I going to pay for that, through bottle tops (caps)".