(Feb 2015) Overview of the Project:

The goal of this project was to design a miniature toy train based on specifications of the gave design. We were provided dimensions for each component, and also then had to model each, create a illustration of each component, and then assemble and develop a drawing (both the continuous and also exploded types) of the finished train.

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Discussion Inquiry Responses: Question:
Why are illustrations composed of various line conventions? Answer: The different line conventions relay different interpretations around the illustration. Object lines convey a various interpretation than facility lines or hidden lines. Question: What is the purpose of a sectional view? Answer: Sectional views provide an enlarged check out of a details area of a component or assembly. This is typically supplied to dimension components that are extremely small. Question: What is the purpose of an auxilary view? Answer: The auxilary check out is provided to deminsion features on a slanted suchallenge of a part that would certainly not be totally visible in the 6 most widespread views. Question: Why are symbols supplied rather of words to determine hole types? Answer: Symbols have the right to easily describe features of holes better than words because of each symbol describing a details facet. Question: What benefit is there to making use of algebraic equations rather of numerical values as soon as specifying the dimensions of a CAD model? Answer: By using algebriac equations, you have the right to creat a version that will preserve its form a lot better when the size is changed. Question: What three forms of constraints deserve to be applied to CAD sketches or models? Answer: Geometric Constraint Numerical Constraint Assembly Constraint Question: What advantages execute CAD drawings have actually over paper sketches? Answer: CAD illustrations are more accurately attracted to range, and also are usually neater because of the automatic illustration and also basic labling. Drawings and also Parts Main Body

The main body of the design train, this is the connector for every one of the various other parts, including the smoke stack, hitch, wheels, and also cow catcher.

Smoke Stack

This is the smoke stack of the train. It blows the smoke out of the train. Or it would certainly, if it wasn"t a toy train.

Cow Catcher

This is the cow catcher of the train. It does not actually capture cows. It simply pushes stuff out of the method.

Pegs and also Linkage Arm

From left to ideal, these are the Axle Peg, Hitch Peg, Linkage Peg, and also the Linkage Arm.

Train Track

This is the train track that the train relocate on. The track deserve to attach via various other tracks by the indents on it.

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Assembled Train

The finimelted train incorpoprices all of the shown components right into one assembly.