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I need to relocation the cable on my Sennheiser HD650 headphones bereason it gained run over so many kind of times through my chair, currently sound only comes through one side of my headphones. Because I have to rearea the cord I"m stuck utilizing my Sennheiser 598 headphones (which are honestly still extremely good). Anyone have an principle besides obtaining among those ridiculous uncrucial reinforced third party cords? I recognize that improved cords are a placebo for sound, but I need somepoint resilient.
My taste in music: Full size headphones: Sennheiser HD650, AKG K240 (through Beyerdynamic velour pads), Sennheiser HD558 (Foam Mod) Portable headphones: Bose AE2, Sennheiser Momentum Amps: Vali and Modi

Try maintaining everything on your desk, instead of your floor? Putting any type of type of stress on your headphones wire will certainly reason them to break. Read this connect (specifically the cable section). I"d also recommend making use of a headphone stand also so the wires aren"t on the floor once your not using your headphones.

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Try keeping everything on your desk, instead of your floor? Putting any type of type of anxiety on your headphones wire will cause them to break. Read this link (specifically the cable section). I"d likewise recommend using a headphone stand so the wires aren"t on the floor as soon as your not making use of your headphones.
I dunno. Maybe I can pull the wire approximately my desk and also make it go over the peak of the desk. Even then I usually just save my headphones on the ground beside my computer so it would certainly be a small awkward. I have no room for a headphone stand also. If I did I would have actually already been using one. All corners of my room are taken up via things and also my desk is filled to capacity via microphone, speakers, keyboard, and desktop computer monitor. The height of my computer is taken up through amp, dac, and external difficult drive. There is literally nowbelow else I deserve to put my headphones besides on the floor, brief of unplugging them eextremely time and placing them in a pile of chords and also junk I store on the other side of the room. Neither alternative seems ideal. Quote: