I’ve been seeing points pop up where parental fees are glueing pennies to the bottom of their kids’ shoes and at initially I was puzzled.

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Why did this mother glue pennies to her youngsters shoes?

My initially thought was, is it to assist store them close? But nope, the actual factor is fairly brilliant.

Why are Pennies Glued to Kids Shoes?

The trfinish started through one mother who witnessed a need and also discovered a simple and inexpensive means to solve it.

The problem?

Tap dance shoes are EXPENSIVE (a great pair have the right to cost $30+) so, she made a decision to make her own.

Credit: Unknown

Ssuggest take a pair of your kids shoes (preferably a pair they don’t wear often) and also glue pennies on the peak and also bottom.

Then BAM they have actually tap dancing shoes and it expense you pennies to make, literally!

If your youngsters choose to make noise, here’s a fun new way! Glue Pennies on the bottoms of their play shoes, and voila! pic.twitter.com/gBdTo3wAlq

— Yankee Toy Box (
YankeeToyBox) April 21, 2014

And parents anywhere are doing the exact same.

Don’t have actually a tap dancer?

No problem!

You can execute the exact same thing and simply permit your kid to head exterior to make some noise. Just imagine all the fun they’ll have!

Brilliant, right?

Anvarious other Reaboy to Glue Pennies to Your Child Shoes

If you have actually an extremely quiet boy that is hard to find in the house…pennies could work-related in that instance as well.

I am just sayin’…

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Have you ever before heard of gluing pennies on shoes? Have you included pennies to your youngsters shoes at home?



Brittanie Pyper loves her warm hubby, her 2 sweet boys, new baby girl and also crafting choose a beastern. Her recipes and also crafts can be uncovered everywhere the internet bereason, well, she"s awesome. Check out her individual site: Simplistically Living.

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