Men always desire to know: Why do women love poor boys and villains so much? Why don"t they ever go for the nice guy? Well, first of all, we DO attempt to go for the nice male more often than not. No one wakes up in the morning and also claims, "Hmmm, I think I"ll try to hook up with a dark, tormented man who"s trying to take over the civilization today." In real life, at heart, we"re all hoping for healthy relationships. But why deprive us of the poor boy fantasy? I blame film equipments and also authors for the bad boy fantasy, frankly. And here"s why...

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I was watching the first episode of Cursedon Netflix a week or so earlier. Frankly, I was nearly ready to throw in the towel early on bereason I found the main character, Nimue, to be an annoying whiny teenager. Then this male came on display screen...
He"s dubbed The Weeping Monk. I literally sat up straighter in my tv-watching chair and was suddenly 100% invested in this story. Why? Due to the fact that once a dark, messy, unbearably hot villain via haunted eyes and a sharp jawline comes ondisplay screen (or on the web page, if you"re reading), you just KNOW he"s going to have a super-interesting, tragic backstory, AND the potential to ultimately come to be an excellent man. If he was a boring, one-dimensional bad man, he"d be ugly. I"ve uncovered that to be true at least 90% of the moment in the fictional world. There"s always going to be outliers, but commonly, that"s exactly how it functions. (Off topic: Cursed gets better if you hang in there previous episode 4. And I was TOTALLY RIGHT about The Weeping Monk. No spoilers, yet you"ll LOVE IT when you find out who he really is.)
It"s my theory that authors and also film equipments regularly love their villains even more than their heroes. As proof, I sell Loki. Count up all the GREAT moments he had actually throughout all the Marvel movies, and also compare them to the heroes" good moments. If you"re count matches mine, probably just Iron Man comes CLOSE to Loki. (Due to the fact that, hey, he"s Robert Downey Jr. Not many type of males, heroes OR villains, have the right to compete with RDJ.) If film equipments and also authors didn"t want me to fall for villains, they"d make them ugly and also inarticulate.
Heroes are honor bound. They make sacrifices for the greater good all the time. It"s kind of their point. Which renders me think that being the considerable various other of a hero would certainly type of suck. Broken days, late nights, lots of time alone...that"s what I"m picturing. But villains? They"re prepared to burn the civilization dvery own for the one they love. Or, in the situation of Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, provide up eextremely last little bit of their life pressure for love. (Don"t gain me started on all the stuff that"s wrong through the Star Wars sequel trilogy, specifically what the writers did to Ben and also Rey in The Rise of Skywalker. Just know that if Kylo Ren had offered me his hand also, I would"ve taken it. That"s all I"m saying. Again, don"t
me.) And prior to a fight breaks out, NO, I"m not saying that woguys want males to kill and also burn dvery own the civilization for them. All I"m saying is that the idea of someone who would certainly perform anything for you is naturally romantic. It"s a fantasy, remember?
Similar to eincredibly hero has actually an beginning story, so does every villain. Their pasts shape that they are, what they eventually become. From their suggest of view, they"re doing what they have to execute. In their minds, they"re righteous. They do not understand they"re villains. Maybe if they"d had a couple of lucky breaks in their origin story, they would"ve turned out to be the hero. That"s definitely the instance for The Weeping Monk, Ben Solo, and Loki.
Guys, don"t take it personally. We love villains. It is what it is. Doesn"t mean we approve of abusive relationships. Doesn"t suppose we prefer jerks and alphaholes to nice guys. Doesn"t suppose that good guys do not stand also a possibility. All it suggests is that we reap the bad boy, villain fantasy. And don"t you think we must just let everyone enjoy whatever fantasies they want and not judge them for it? *measures down off soapbox*
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But what about you? What carry out YOU love around villains? And which villains are your favorites? Let"s discuss!

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