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Having your profile downloaded on your Xbox is an excellent way to keep your information sync in between consoles so that you have the right to enjoy the same gaming suffer whenever and also wherever.But sometimes you can not have the ability to finish the profile downpack. If you get a messagge saying: Sorry, Xbox Live prodocuments can not be downloaded appropriate now followed by error code 800704DC, check out the actions below.

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Downloading the profile on your Xbox consingle enables you to keep your information synchronized in between the consoles irparticular of wbelow you play.

Sometimes while downloading your Xbox Live profile you watch an error code. The error reads Sorry, Xbox Live profiles can’t be downloaded best currently. Please try aacquire later on. Status Code: 800704DC.

Fix it by following the actions we offered below.

Why carry out I gain an error code as soon as downloading and install profile on Xbox?

1. Re-Associate the Child Account to the Parent Account

Go to the Family tab > Add a Family Member.Select Add a child.Now you must enter the email deal with of the boy account that you want to re-associate with the parent account.Sign out of your Microsoft account and authorize in to the Child account.Click on Sign in and also accept.Now on your Xbox try to download the profile and also examine if the error is refixed.

The over solution should help you deal with the Xbox Live error code 801540A9.

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2. Remove your Profile From all Xbox Consoles

Under the Safety section, click Rerelocate my profile from all Xbox 360 consoles.Under the Visited Console area, select Require profile downfill.Now on your Xbox consoler, attempt to downfill the profile again and also check for any type of improvements.

3. Recollection Microsoft Account Password

You must select a factor for reestablishing the password.Get in your Microsoft Account email password and likewise fill the captcha.Now you have to verify that the account belongs to you. Select one of the techniques and also sfinish the security code.Enter the 4 digit defense code you received from Microsoft and click Next off.Go into your new password and also click Next to reset the password.On your Xbox cshed, attempt to login with your brand-new password and inspect for any type of enhancements.

4. Remove Any Existing Profile

On your Xbox Home Display, go to Setups.Select System.Select Storage and choose Prorecords.Now pick the Xbox profile you want to delete.Select Delete Profile only option and delete your profile.Now attempt to login via your major profile aobtain and also check for any type of improvements.

Tright here you go, you need to have actually eliminated the error code 800704DC safely by making use of one of these remedies.

Do you recognize any various other approaches to clear out problems while downloading and install your Xbox profile? Feel free to share them in the comments section listed below.

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Yes, but there is a capture. You can run an Xbox One and also an Xbox 360, however not 2 Xbox One or 2 Xbox 360 consoles at the same time.