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now as many of you might have heard tbelow is an epidemic spread a virus a pester it"s not a bola but I wish it was it"s worse than thedude that ****ed a monvital and also began aids it"s the dad bot watch the dad bod isa trending body form though I hesitate to call it a bot or a form it"s even more prefer a absence of bull it"s like a wax sculpture of a body left out in the Sunand apparently this is news to me some girls are crazy around the dad bod I"mgonna go ahead now and dive right into the literal pits of hell the female psycheand break dvery own precisely why girls are attracted to the dad bot and also why youhave to not autumn right into this trap I"m gonna level with you below currently I"m about asshallow as a plate of cereal my brain has actually two hatsleft and also best swipe so as soon as girls started best swiping difficult less I knewsomepoint wasn"t including up and also my findings are therefore the dad bod craze isnot about physical appearance or a man"sbody form through the exception of a couple of deviants the majority of girls are not going to saythe guy whose body looks favor really beat maburned potatoes is hotter than theguy that looks choose a ****ing Greek male what they"re really saying is I"mattracted to the human version of a melted ice cream cone for the samereason I favor acquiring all my life advice from elite everyday short articles it"s easy it"sall about me and also it tells me exactly what I want to hear it"s an attractionto the physical manifeterminal of complacency which is a sentence Iplagiarized from a textbook Oh i 100% disagree through their way of living alternative tobe ***** made think it or not they"re awesome dudes with beards that haveobjectives and also strong characters yet currently many thanks to the dad bod craze being aperboy of worth is simply as unattractive as being in shape I child you not youcannot create this **** this is not ****ing scientific research fiction this isn"tFantasia this is goddamn fact this isthe civilization we live in this day I"m not elevating children in this **** or raisingchildren in general yeah got children did boom gain the **** off this world uncover a newone we"re *****es still value **** prefer this favor that favor that before we goany kind of better we should acquire one thing directly Leonarexecute DiCaprio is not the****ing poster boy for dad bots he is an extremely effective and talentedmulti-millionaire that is additionally 40 yearoffered what these girls are going for iseven more favor a humale foul ball at the ripeage of 20 look I acquire all right you can"tstrike out if you keep hitting foulballs I gain now according to thecompendium of understanding a diary entry onthe internet the dad bod says quote I goto the gym periodically however I additionally drinkheavily on the weekends and also reap eatingeight slices of pizza at a time yeah soexecute I accept the replace occasionallythrough all the ****ing time and also replacethe weekends with all the ****ing timeif you"re gonna carry out something do it 100%somebody order pizza oh yeah I did Pockyboom one slice you trying to tell meyou"re attracted to this slob bereason hehas a well-rounded life cuz he"s notobsessed through his bodyhe"s obsessed to go to the gym he"s notobsessed anypoint he"s excellent at nothingyet mediocre at everythinghe does not treatment enough to execute anythingvia passion which implies he"s not goingto treatment enough to argue via you whenyou want to put up those bull**** livelaugh love decals on the wevery one of his****ing apartment that you simply decidedto move right into as we revolve the web page on thiscontemporary mind Kampf well we all love thesculpted man there"s just somethingaround the dad bod that provides Boise morehumale organic and attractive renders themseem more huguy which equates toliterally just a person a sack of meatwith both shoes and also his mom"s debit cardhe is a humanah the sweatpants of human being somethingoffensively unattrenergetic but comfortableand basic to use don"t let this one gohe"s a winnerthis guy is a keeper best right here justprefer those 15 pairs of lugs you stillhave in your ****ing closetI"ll scrunch and also sad-looking fromstomping on them all the ****ing timethe post goes on to say that thedadbod doesn"t intimidate girls andquote we do not want a guy that renders usfeel insecure around our body finallysomebody gets it exactly it"s the samereason I don"t check out books because booksintimiday me and remind me exactly how dumb Iam why need to I waste time gettingsmarter or you understand making peace with myinsecurities as soon as I can just level theplaying field and also watch Digimon rerunswith my ******ed cousin choose that soundsprefer a Saturday to me I do not wantsomeone to enwell-off my life I want someoneto reassure me that my ****ty life isenough currently here"s wbelow it takes aturn for the dark we prefer being thepretty one we love human being saying theylook cute togetheryet we still favor being the center ofattention it just went from settling toconquer question what carry out girls reallydesire in a relationshiplove trust an equal partner via valuesof depth of **** now they desire the upperhand also being the prettier one offers themthe power place your ships are acontinuous match up if you"re dating a dadbod you win by default bereason the otherteam faicaused present up it"s favor havinga dog all ideal is that he knows he"s adog and also he"s not going to leave you andgo trying to find a new owner why the ****we leave a perfectly comfortable homethrough an owner that feeds him and letshim hump her leg on Wednesdays via thelights off you"re not gonna it"s gonnastay put and also obtain fat and also die good luckever before acquire a ****ing blowproject in summationgirls don"t reduced your criteria andfeed the ****ing pigeons you"re alioness you"re Nala find your goddamnSimba or at leastern go earlier to ****ingsvehicle don"t **** the touhave the right to and guysdo not acquire sucked right into this trap allright you started lifting to acquire girlshowever you easily realized the real reasonyou lift is to be much better than world andif you allow yourself to come to be somegirlsbad body you are willingly becoming theloser in the connection you were thereonly to remind the girl that she isbetter than you to listen if you want aconnection where each perboy is aconfident individual who betters theother then cool I additionally hate win it againit"s also most occupational to challengeyourself which is why generally go forstupid chicks commonly being alwaysplease subscribe to my youtube channelnew video this week this is it this theone you"re watching it"s the new one italso going bro subs calm for the Cureas well dad bot and also and whiskey-****actually hears that not that I wouldrecognize my whiskey **** is harder thanregular ****