The last time I believed around “The Crucible,” I was turning in a test for my 11th grade English class.

Now, Arthur Miller’s 1953 play around the Salem witch trials is almost everywhere my TikTok feed. The tragedy, which was also made right into a 1996 movie starring Winona Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis, has actually its very own fandom.

Much of the newuncovered popularity “The Crucible” has got online have the right to be attributed to TikTok user Joe Hegyes, that imagined the play’s meant villain, witch-accuser Abigail Williams, as an influencer, or the “original Lana Del Rey.”


i swear to god mary warren you cant tell anyone.#TimeforTENET #VinylCheck

♬ original sound – joe hegyes

“I’m not trying to start anything, like, you recognize me I don’t prefer drama, yet … I simply saw Goody Proctor through the evil one,” he sassist in his many viral video of the series.

Hegyes’ posts spawned what is now well-known as “CrucibleTok,” in which various other individuals have actually been parodying the book’s themes in classic 1600s garb.


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