“Maybe this post is a little bit taboo; after all, I’m a vast Frank Castle fan. Throughout the whole of Dareadversary season 2, I sustained eextremely kill The Punisher had actually. I rooted for him to take down eextremely person associated in the murder of his family in the spin-off show, The Punisher. In the comics, Billy Russo and also Frank Castle are adversaries appropriate off the bat and also it would be much easier if they went that path to just want Castle to put dvery own the villain now recognized as Jigobserved. But, then they had to cast Ben Barnes and provide him an totally various background, so let’s explore, were his motives villainous or selfish?

Much different than the comics, Billy Russo met Frank in the military, where the two served eight years together. The two became so close that they related to each various other as the other’s finest friend and also from flashbacks, we even see Billy joining Frank and also his family on a fun outing. Even Frank’s children describe Russo as “Uncle Bill”. This is a substantial difference than Russo’s comic book origins of being a hitguy who viciously beat both his wife and child before being horribly disfigured.

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As we find out throughout the seaboy, Russo is not completely innocent in this display. While he might not have actually pulled the create on Frank’s family’s murder, he knew around it. Not just did he recognize about it, he didn’t say anything and rather allowed the massacre to take place, understanding complete well the household he had invested years through would certainly be ripped to shreds by a hail of bullets. Why though? Why did Russo feel so inclined to not action in and also help save Frank, as he had battled side by side with him for years?


Billy’s Upbringing

Let’s explore Billy’s upbringing briefly. From conversations via Dinah Madani and an unsettling scene in episode eight, we see that Russo had actually a unstable upbringing. Abandoned by his drug-addicted mom at a very early age, Russo spent his childhood in team houses, where he was abprovided by older guys because of his good looks. It’s straightforward to view why Russo is so proud of how far he has actually come, from being successful in the Marines and also currently owning a rewarding service. While to the exterior it seems prefer he’s a charismatic, smooth man, we see that there is certainly a dark side. Not just does he currently save his mom in some sort of psychiatric ward, yet he was completely willing to sell Frank out beforehand to Agent Orange. Not to mention, he killed Sam Stein and also had the audacity to bathe Madani after it.


We watch beforehand in the seachild that Billy maintains a friendship through fellow Marine Curtis Hoyle. Hoyle, that runs a team for veterans through PTSD; is able to store the lights on because of Russo’s monetary contributions. It is clear that Billy holds Curtis in high regards, also letting Curtis live at the finish of the seachild, once it can have been extremely straightforward for him to kill him. Billy, earlier in the season; takes Curtis’s advice to not hire Lewis, due to him displaying warning indications of someone around to snap. For someone holding a very heavy weight on his shoulders, he is extremely excellent at seeming choose a very normal person that cares around others, as usual socioroutes perform.

Billy Did Nopoint Wrong…In His Mind

Towards the end of the seakid, Frank asks Billy the question we’ve all been wondering ourselves. From watching the show, we watch that Billy cares about Frank and cared around his family. I don’t believe any type of of that was fake. He truly dislikes Agent Oselection and also even allows Frank kill him, finding satisfaction in watching William Rawlins dying.


Tbelow genuinely seems to be somepoint inside him that is uncomfortable through the entirety case, but in a scene between Frank and Billy, Frank asks Billy why? Why did he not stop Agent Orange? Why did he not say anypoint and also why is he continuing functioning for Rawlins? It’s clear that despite Billy caring around the family, he’ll never before treatment about anyone else, however himself. While not saying anything permitted the Castle family members to be viciously killed, it additionally kept him out of trouble. With every little thing we uncovered out in the first seakid, Billy can have actually been lugged down if he had actually helped Frank. After whatever Billy had achieved in life, he wasn’t going to let that occur. Regardless of the consequences.

“I decided exceptionally early, while we were shooting the initially episode, that Billy had actually an admiration for Frank and also a love for Frank, and also that maybe he was the only perboy on the world Billy genuinely cares about. He simply doesn’t care about him as a lot as he cares around himself.” Ben Barnes intercheck out with EW.

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All in all, I think that Billy Russo’s actions were selfish, but I don’t think they were villainous. I believe that Billy would certainly have actually a lot rathered proceed living through Frank, Maria, and the youngsters being the only family members he ever before had. He could have actually ongoing being the cool uncle, who would certainly reap a long and also lasting friendship with Frank. In the end, though; Billy selfishly made the decision to not tell his finest frifinish about the strike awaiting to happen because it endangered to ruin whatever Billy had ever before functioned for.


“He’s basically this street boy who grew up in foster care and flourished up feeling incredibly unloved, abandoned and abused by his paleas, and he doesn’t understand also how love works. So the only thing he ends up loving is himself, and also self-conservation becomes the just point in his entire civilization.”

Clbeforehand, Frank found this out and sculpted up Billy’s confront for it. In seaboy two of The Punisher, we understand that he will be making his deyet as the comic-book villain Jigexperienced. As far as how significant of his duty will certainly be, we don’t understand. We likewise don’t understand once The Punisher seakid 2 will certainly be dropping, however we’re assuming early 2019 because it was announced that Dareadversary seakid two was premiering late 2018. Stay tuned for more!