Referring to this and also this inquiries around Game of Thrones, we might (or may not) assume that tright here can be some relation between Stark kids and Direwolfs.

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In S01E01, Jaime pushes Bran Stark out of a home window of a tower after which Bran goes right into coma. In S01E02, Lord Stark kills Sansa"s direwolf Lady. Right after that in the next scene Bran recovers from coma. Bran couldn"t remember what occurred at the tower or how he dropped off after respanning from coma.

Are the scenes of killing Lady and the recoexceptionally of Bran from coma correlated?

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tl;dr: Officially no, however we can not dominion it out either.

Neither the book nor the display ever explore this principle, or also bring it up, but it"s not totally without merit. There"s absolutely sufficient circumstantial evidence to say it"s feasible.

For starters, the timing is very coincidental. In both the TV display (Season 1 Episode 2) and also the novel (Video Game of Thrones), the scene/chapter of Bran waking up is placed straight after the scene/chapter of Ned killing Lady. The showrunners have been pretty complimentary through rearvarying points to suit the pacing of a TV display when required, however chose to save that sequence of occasions intact. This isn"t necessarily conclusive -- it was a pretty dramatic scene adjust, which might be why they retained it -- however it"s still amazing.

We additionally know that Bran"s wolf feeling seems to expand also past just his very own wolf. While I do not think we ever before seem him warg/skinchange into any type of of his sibling"s wolves, as soon as he"s possessing Summer he is mindful of wbelow they are: he sort-of knows what"s going on through Nymeria, he recognizes that Lady is dead, and that Gorganize is beyond The Wall, and so on His connection to the wolves is deeper than the various other Starks" appears to be.

We likewise know that Bran was warged right into Summer throughout his coma, though at the moment I don"t think we kbrand-new what it was, only that he appeared to be dreaming about wolves.

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So, while neither the present nor the novels has never before made a suggest to point out this idea, it"s very feasible that Lady"s death "shocked" Bran awake as soon as Summer sensed her disshowing up from his awareness.