Damon Lindelof is a goddamn genius, and also in the second seaboy of The Leftovers, I’m convinced currently that he’s responsible for the ideal composed television series of the year. We stop a lot about that magical capacity to develop a compelling mystery that outsmarts the viewer at residence yet leaving enough breadcrumbs so that the disclose renders full sense however not so many kind of that the expose is predictable. That’s specifically what Lindelof pulled off via the Evie mystery this seachild.

(Spoilers with this week’s episode)

I’ve read a lot about The Leftovers — other critic’s articles, message boards, concept short articles, and so on — and also I don’t think I’ve read anyone that predicted that Evie had joined the Guilty Remnant. The second that Evie handed Meg a baby carrot in the flashearlier sequence in this episode, however, it clicked: Of course that’s what occurred. The clues have actually been under our nose the whole time.

The Guilty Remnant had been put so far on the backburner this season — Patti Levin was torturing Kevin, and also Laurie Garvey had actually damaged complimentary of the organization— that it never before occurred to me that Lindelof would certainly carry it ago about to Jardin. At ideal, I thought, Tom had left Laurie to join the Remnant after Meg had actually forced herself upon him, however the concept that Meg (and also Tom) would end up earlier in Jardin never entered the equation, a lot much less that Meg would be behind the loss of Evie and her friends and also a higher conspiracy, it appears, designed to destroy the bridge that keeps world out of Jardin.

But it renders total sense in retrospect. Remember when Evie and also her friends were running naked with the forest in the seaboy premiere?

They were doing a trial run of their escape. They had members of the Guilty Remnant waiting to pick them up.

Many informing, but, was a brief scene in which all four womales were in the car after flirting with Dr. Goodheart and also playtotally swimming in the lake. Regardless of most giggling and teasing, the minute they were alone together, they were dead silent, simply choose Remnant members would be.


Look at this sly, conspiratorial look Evie offers her frifinish while they’re singing about what a “miracle” Jardin is, as though saying, “Yeah. We’ll show them a miracle, alright.”

Maybe you’re wondering just how Meg and also the Guilty Remnant knew precisely when a quake would take place, resulting in the loss of the water in the reservoir? They kbrand-new bereason they prompted it. Meg brought about the quake. Recontact that, at the start of this week’s episode throughout Meg’s tour of Jardin, she learned that a crack in the street was led to by a gas explosion. Later in the episode, it was revealed that Meg had been affiliated in the purchase of plastic explosives, ergo she bought the explosives that resulted in the explosion that was mistaken for a quake that was tied to a possible second departure.


Lindelof and also Perrotta have actually been meticulously layering in ideas and inquiries all seachild lengthy, and also each of the last several episodes have actually been paying them off, prefer a majestic set of falling dominoes. I can’t begin to imagine the thought that Lindelof/Perotta put into planning out the seakid. Unfavor via Lost, you can’t accuse Lindelof of not planning ahead. He didn’t make it up as he went along.

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He’s orchestrated a masterful, novelistic seaboy of tv that’s been nothing brief of mind-blowing.

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