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Friday, December 13, 2002Holtz claims leaving Notre Dame was best for him, schoolAssociated PressSOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Lou Holtz said leaving Notre Dame afterthe 1996 seachild was ideal for the institution and also probably ideal for him,too, also though it was a difficult decision to make.

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"It"s very tough to give up somepoint you love so much," heshelp Thursday.

Holtz, that coaches at South Carolina, said his job as Notre Damecoach changed after he led the Irish to a 12-0 mark and also a nationaltitle in 1988, his 3rd seachild at the college. He said in theoccurring eight periods he became as well consumed via keeping the Irishnear the optimal instead of inspiring the players to greater points.

"It was one of the dumbest things I"ve ever before done in my lifebecause any type of time you attempt to preserve somepoint you come to be thehunted," he sassist. "I thought I was tired of coaching. I wasn"texhausted of coaching. I was worn down of preserving. ... What I shouldhave actually done was collection desires and also objectives and ambitions for thisuniversity and also the footround regimen that nobody assumed wasfeasible."

Asked later on what goals he might have actually set, Holtz said breakingthe 23-game winning streak the Irish collection during the 1988-89seasons.

Holtz went back to South Bend on Thursday to speak at a CollegeFootball Hall of Fame luncheon.

Fifteenager players and 3 coaches were included to the hall,including: Clemchild defensive ago Terry Kinard, Oklahoma tight endKeith Jackchild, Sooners coach Barry Switzer, halfearlier Jon Arnett ofUSC, placekicker Kevin Butler of Georgia, wide receiver AnthonyCarter of Michigan, end Cock Duden of Navy, defensive tackle TimEco-friendly of Syracusage, quarterback Ralph Guglielmi of Notre Dame,tackle John Hicks of Ohio State and also linebacker D.D. Lewis ofMississippi State.

Also, running back Don McCauley of North Carolina, tackle JohnOutland of Kansas and also Penn, linemale Glenn Ressler of Penn State,defensive ago Brad Van Pelt of Michigan State, quarterback SteveYoung of Brigham Young, coach Grant Teaff of McMurry, Angelo Stateand also Baylor, and also coach Bill Yeoguy of Houston.

A crowd of 1,329 civilization attended the luncheon, surpassing thedocument 910 people that attended a speech last year by former ChicagoBears coach Mike Ditka.

Holtz entertained the crowd by poking fun at himself and hisgroups, but he also offered an inspirational speech, urging those inthe crowd to difficulty themselves, to dream massive and to embracechange.

"Dreams make points occur," Holtz sassist. "Martin Luther Kingadjusted this human being for the much better once he made his speech "I have adream" in front of 250,000 civilization. He called them to activity. Do youthink it would have had the exact same impact if Martin Luther King stoodup and also sassist, "I have a strategic arrangement I want to talk to you about?I do not think so."

He sassist once he took over at South Carolina he found players whodidn"t trust one another and care for one an additional, saying societyhas end up being too selfish and undisciplined.

"The difference in between athletes now and also 25 years earlier isnow everybody wants to talk around their rights and also theirprivileges. Twenty five years earlier people talked around theirobligations and duties," he said.

Holtz said he didn"t accept the coaching job at South Carolinatwo years earlier to prove anything. He ssuggest wanted to coach again,and calls the experience among his many gratifying.

The Gamecocks improved from 0-11 in Holtz"s first seaboy to 8-4last year, beating Ohio State in the Outago Bowl. It noted justthe eighth time in South Carolina"s background the team has won eightgames. The only seakid better remained in 1984, when the Gamecocks went10-2.

In 11 periods at Notre Dame, Holtz won fewer than eight gamesonly twice. His 100 victories at Notre Dame are 5 short of KnuteRockne"s 105 wins.

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With the Gamecocks doing so well last seachild, some Notre Damefans tried to number out scenarios under which the Irish would facethe Gamecocks in a bowl game. Holtz said he does not want SouthCarolina to play the Irish. "Our schedule"s hard enough."

Holtz, who flourished up an Irish fan, said he is frequently askedwhether he complies with Notre Dame football.

"My heart will certainly constantly be part of Notre Dame. I"ve adhered to themall my life. Why would certainly I stop?"

As Holtz left the podium, Bernie Kisch, the hall"s executivedirector, told him tbelow was a spot waiting for him at the hall.Holtz later replied: "When he states he has actually a spot, I hope he has avote."
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