You understand that frifinish of yours that loves to gossip yet always downplays any kind of drama they gain into themselves? Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby is prefer that frifinish. A cshed friend of Daisy Buchanan"s, Jordan days Nick Carraway in the time of the novel and also plays a vital role in reuniting Daisy via the titular Jay Gatsby.

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A couple of years younger than Daisy, Jordan is single and also a professional golfer, which sets her acomponent from her married frifinish. In fact, Jordan is Daisy"s oppowebsite in many kind of ways, as we will certainly check out in this guide! Read in for a finish guide to Jordan"s appearance, plot points, major quotes, and character analysis!

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Jordan Baker as a characterCharacter Analysis

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Rapid Note on Our Citations

Our citation format in this overview is (chapter.paragraph). We"re utilizing this mechanism given that tbelow are many editions of Gatsby, so utilizing page numbers would just work for students via our copy of the book.

To discover a quotation we mention using chapter and paragraph in your book, you can either eyeround it (Paragraph 1-50: beginning of chapter; 50-100: middle of chapter; 100-on: finish of chapter), or usage the search function if you"re making use of an virtual or eReader variation of the text.

Physical Description of Jordan

The younger of the 2 was a stranger to me. She was extended full size at her end of the divan, totally motionmuch less and through her chin elevated a small as if she were balancing something on it which was rather most likely to autumn. If she witnessed me out of the edge of her eyes she gave no hint of it—indeed, I was virtually surprised right into murmuring an apology for having actually disturbed her by coming in. (1.28)

I took pleasure in looking at her. She was a slender, small-breasted girl, with an erect carriage which she accentuated by throwing her body backward at the shoulders favor a young cadet. Her grey sun-strained eyes looked earlier at me through polite reciprocal curiosity out of a wan, charming discontented confront. It developed to me currently that I had viewed her, or a photo of her, somewbelow prior to. (1.57)

Tom and also Miss Baker sat at either end of the lengthy couch and she read aloud to him from the "Saturday Evening Post"—the words, murmurous and uninflected, running together in a soothing tune. The lamp-light, bright on his boots and dull on the autumn-leaf yellow of her hair, glinted alengthy the paper as she turned a page through a flutter of slender muscles in her arms. (1.121)

The first point Nick notices around Jordan is her placement and also posture. Only after that does he alert her appearance, which he finds attrenergetic. Nick tells us a lot about Jordan"s appearance, in fact even more than he does about Daisy"s—with Daisy he often concentrates on improduct qualities prefer her voice. But we plainly watch Jordan"s gray eyes, her wan, charming confront, the autumn-leaf yellow of her hair, her little breasts, the slender muscles in her arms. Clbeforehand Nick spends a lot of time looking at Jordan!

It"s additionally worth noting Jordan and Daisy have contrasting appearances. Jordan is blond and also exceptionally athletic, physical, tan, and angular, while Daisy is dark-haired and pale through a musical voice and even more vulnerable number. Interestingly enough a lot of film adaptations feature a dark-haired Jordan and also a blonde Daisy!

Jordan"s Background

Jordan Baker, who is 2 years younger than Daisy, flourished up through the various other womale in Louisville. Daisy refers to this as their mutual "white girlhoods" (1.100). Jordan witnesses both Daisy"s initial relationship via Gatsby and also just how she virtually didn"t marry Tom after gaining a letter from Gatsby but pulled herself together in time for the wedding.

Jordan does not have any type of significant surviving family members other than an old aunt that controls her money, so it"s implied she"s the heiress to a far-ranging amount of money yet, during the novel at leastern, she doesn"t have complete access to it.

Instead of marrying, Jordan plays golf professionally and days approximately, to the point Tom comments that her family "shouldn"t let her run about the country in this way" (1.134).

To watch how Jordan"s biography lines up via the stays of the various other characters, examine out our timeline.

A Rundown of Jordan"s Actions in the Novel

In Chapter 1, Jordan meets Nick with Tom and also Daisy, that she is staying with. She tells Nick that Tom has "some woman in New York" and shushes him so she have the right to listen to Tom and also Daisy"s dispute, revealing herself as a gossip (1.100).

In Chapter 3, she runs into Nick aget at Gatsby"s party. She is also referred to as to sheight with Gatsby, and he tells her about his past with Daisy and exactly how he hopes to satisfy her aobtain through Nick, Daisy"s cousin.

In Chapter 4, Jordan tells Nick around Daisy and also Gatsby"s background and also gets him to aid arselection their meeting, igniting Daisy and also Gatsby"s affair.

In Chapter 7, Jordan is invited to the lunch party in addition to Nick, Tom, Gatsby, and also Daisy, once Gatsby wishes to have Daisy to confront Tom. The group ends up going to New York City. Jordan rides up through Tom and Nick in Gatsby"s yellow vehicle. They sheight at the Wilson"s garage, and also Myrtle sees the trio and also takes Jordan to be Tom"s wife. Later that night, Jordan drives ago via Nick and Tom, but this time in Tom"s blue coupe. They come across the scene of Myrtle"s death: she has actually been run over by the yellow automobile.

Despite witnessing this awful scene, she appears surprised Nick doesn"t want to come right into the Buchanans" afterward for tea. The next day, she calls Nick at job-related, telling him she"s moved out of the Buchanans" home and wants to check out him, yet they end up arguing over the phone and breaking up.

Finally, in Chapter 9, Nick looks for her out to more formally break things off, and she tells him she"s involved.

Nick does not appear to have actually chosen it enough to put a ring on it.

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This is a very early instance of Jordan"s all of a sudden clever before observations—throughout the novel she reveals a quick wit and keen eye for information in social cases. This comment additionally sets the stage for the novel"s chief affair between Daisy and also Gatsby, and also just how at the tiny party in Chapter 7 their tricks come out to damaging effect.

Compare Jordan"s comment to Daisy"s basic attitude of being also sucked into her very own life to notification what"s going on approximately her.

"You"re a rotten driver," I protested. "Either you need to be even more mindful or you oughtn"t to drive at all."

"I am mindful."

"No, you"re not."

"Well, various other people are," she sassist lightly.

"What"s that got to carry out through it?"

"They"ll keep out of my way," she insisted. "It takes 2 to make an accident."

"Suppose you met somebody just as caremuch less as yourself."

"I hope I never before will certainly," she answered. "I hate careless human being. That"s why I favor you." (3.162-169)

Here we get a feeling of what draws Jordan and Nick together—he"s attracted to her carecomplimentary, entitled attitude while she sees his cautiousness as a plus. After all, if it really does take 2 to make an accident, as lengthy as she"s via a mindful person, Jordan have the right to perform whatever she wants!

We also check out Jordan as someone that very closely calculates risks—both in driving and in relationships. This is why she brings up her auto accident analogy aget at the finish of the book as soon as she and Nick break up—Nick was, in truth, a "bad driver" also, and also she was surprised that she check out him wrong.

Anvarious other example of Jordan"s observant wit, this quote (around Daisy) is Jordan"s means of suggesting that perhaps Daisy"s reputation is not so squeaky-clean as everyone else believes. After all, if Daisy were the only sober one in a crowd of partiers, it would certainly be easy for her to hide less-than-flattering aspects around herself.

Suddenly I wasn"t reasoning of Daisy and also Gatsby any type of more but of this clean, tough, limited perkid who dealt in universal skepticism and who leaned earlier jauntily just within the circle of my arm. (4.164)

In this moment, Nick reveals what he finds attractive about Jordan—not just her appearance (though aobtain, he defines her as pleasingly "jaunty" and also "hard" here), but her perspective. She"s skeptical without being totally cynical, and also continues to be upbeat and also witty despite her slightly pessimistic outlook. At this point in the story, Midwestern Nick more than likely still finds this exciting and attractive, though of course by the end he realizes that her attitude renders it difficult for her to truly empathize via others, prefer Myrtle.

In contrast to Daisy (who says simply before this, fairly despairingly, "What will we execute this particular day, and then tomorrow, and for the next thirty years?" (7.74)), Jordan is open to and excited about the possibilities still accessible to her in her life. As we"ll comment on later, probably since she"s still unmarried her life still has actually a flexibility Daisy"s does not, as well as the opportunity to begin over.

While she"s not precisely a starry-eyed optimist, Jordan does show resilience and also an ability to begin things over and also relocate on. This allows her to escape the tragedy at the end relatively unscathed. It also fits how Jordan doesn"t seem to let herself gain too attached to world or areas, which is why she"s surprised by exactly how a lot she felt for Nick.

"You threw me over on the telephone. I do not provide a damn around you now yet it was a new experience for me and I felt a little dizzy for a while." (9.130)

Jordan does not typically showcase her emotions or show much vulnercapability, so this minute is striking because we check out that she did really treatment for Nick to at least some extent. Notice that she couches her confession with a pretty sassy remark ("I do not offer a damn about you now") which feels hollow when you realize that being "thrown over" by Nick made her feel dizzy—sad, surprised, shaken—for a while.

Usual Essay Topics/Areas of Discussion About Jordan

Jordan, prefer Tom, is normally roped right into essay topics to be compared via Daisy (the means Tom is regularly contrasted through Gatsby or periodically George), or to make a larger debate around the function of woguys more primarily. Due to the fact that Jordan isn"t as major of a character as Daisy, Gatsby, or also Tom, it"s rare to gain a standalone essay just around Jordan. To check out some excellent in-depth evaluation of exactly how to compare Jordan to Myrtle or Daisy, inspect out our write-up on comparing and also contrasting the novel"s personalities.

Make certain to move past the obvious once creating about Jordan—yes, she has a task while Daisy and Myrtle are both married, yet what else renders her stand out? Pay one-of-a-kind attention to just how Jordan is defined versus Daisy, Jordan"s dialogue, and Jordan"s focus—it"s clear that Jordan is frequently concentrated exterior, observing various other personalities and their interactions, while Daisy tends to be turned inward, with her own eactivities.

Discuss just how Jordan and Daisy illustrate transforming women"s roles in the 1920s.

Regardless of the development in women"s legal rights made in the beforehand twentieth century, including the best to vote (won in 1919), a lot of womales, particularly wealthy women, were expected to marry, have actually kids, and continue to be at home. Daisy sticks to this prescribed societal duty by marrying and also having a son. But Jordan plays golf professionally, "runs about the country" and also doesn"t seem to be in a hurry to marry (1.134). In brief, on the surchallenge, it shows up that Daisy is a traditionalist while Jordan is expanding the possibilities of a woman"s life.

However, Daisy and also Jordan aren"t precisely a straightforward housewife and also career woguy duo. First of all, Daisy is fairly rerelocated from her function as a mother, because her daughter Pammy is greatly increased by a maid. She also seriously contemplates leaving Tom throughout the novel. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Nick at the end of the novel she"s engaged. Whether or not this is true, it suggests that Jordan will certainly absolutely obtain married one day, and also that her present golf career is simply a temporary diversion, not a long-term independent way of living.

Without a doubt, both Daisy and Jordan are likewise both at the mercy of their families: Daisy derives every one of her riches and also power from Tom, while Jordan is beholden to her old aunt for money. They do not actually have actually much control over their very own riches and also would certainly lose everything if they went too much out of line.

So while Daisy and also Jordan both typify a very showy way of life that looks liberated—being "flappers," having actually sex, drinking in public (which prior to the 1920s was viewed as a extremely indecent thing for a womale to do), playing golf professionally in Jordan"s case—they in fact are still thoapproximately constrained by the limited choices woguys had in the 1920s in terms of making their own stays.

Jordan briefly narrates in Chapter 4. How is Jordan"s narration different from Nick"s? Why rely on her narration at all? What would certainly the novel be like from her suggest of view?

Jordan"s narration is absolutely distinctive from Nick"s. Her diction is a little sharper and she has actually more blatantly judgmental asides, calling Daisy "drunk as a monkey" (4.136). She additionally offers even more vivid imagery: the red, white, and also blue banners on the homes flapping "tut-tut-tut-tut" in a "disproviding way" (4.129), Gatsby"s letter to Daisy coming apart "prefer snow" in the bath (4.141), and so on Her alternative of words is a pretty excellent understanding into her character and also just how sharply observant she is!

So why is there a section narrated by Jordan at all? Perhaps Nick leans on Jordan bereason he feels unqualified to talk about Daisy"s past. After all, aside from their conversation in Chapter 1, Nick doesn"t have actually cshed conversations via Daisy. But because Nick gets to understand Gatsby via a number of cshed conversations, he feels comfortable informing around Gatsby"s past. You also gain the feeling he"s washing his hands of whatever before Jordan reveals about Daisy. He does not completely trust in the details or really care about Daisy"s story, utilizing it just as a way of knowledge Gatsby.

It"s also remarkable that Nick provides Michealis"s allude of watch to talk around the after-effects of Myrtle"s fatality, which in a comparable manner argues he feels much less associated to the Wilsons than he does to Gatsby.

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The novel from Jordan"s allude of check out would most likely be a lot much less sentimental when it concerns Gatsby. Nick obviously idealizes him by the end while Jordan doesn"t seem to see him as anypoint more than a resource of fun and also intrigue. We would also likely obtain a far better feeling of Daisy"s motivations and assumed process throughout the novel, somepoint we badepend acquire accessibility to through Nick"s narration.