Why did Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV come into conflict?Henry IV tried to force the pope to relinquish his position.Pope Gregory VII wanted Henry IV to reauthorize as emperor.Henry IV believed he had actually the authority to appoint church officials.Pope Gregory VII thought that just he can act on befifty percent of God.

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Which finest describes the main reason of the Great Schism?An Italian was chosen pope.The papacy was relocated to Avignon.The French chosen their very own pope.An Italian monarch appointed bishops.
Why was Pope Leo III"s crowning of Charlemagne significant?It establiburned the Church as a political force.It verified that the Church could make political decisions.It shown that the pope had actually more power than queens.It confirmed that the pope was ruling the Divine Roguy Realm.
How did faith unify medieval society?by creating regulations similar to government lawsby creating authority over majesties and also noblesby including all social classes in the spiritual communityby claiming only the Church had ultimate religious authority
Why did Henry IV beg the pope for forgiveness?He wanted to acquire even more manage as emperor.He realized the good power of the Church.He known that he had actually committed a sin.He had actually few sources to fight off challengers.
Why was Thomas Aquinas vital to the Church?He was an Italian noble.He was a Dominican priest.He was a good educator who taught religious beliefs.He was a scholar that wrote to protect spiritual ideals.
One means church orders directly benefited the Church was byadministering the sacraments.raising money for the Church.encouraging members to care for others.giving a location for devout people to serve.
Why did the Church sponsor universities?to educate the prevalent peopleto train loyal federal government workersto teach clergy theology and canon lawto construct the development of scholastic thinking
How did the monarch of France differ from the emperor of the Divine Romale Empire?The monarch was exconnected by the pope.The monarch openly defied a decision by the pope.The monarch owed his power to his loyal nobles.The monarch had actually to compromise through the Church.

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What was the major effect of the Great Schism?The Church elected a brand-new pope.The Church was permanently weakened.The Church instituted widespreview redevelops.The Church had actually a lengthy conflict via a king.
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