The following contains spoilers from the Season 3 premiere of TNT’s The Last Ship.

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The Nathan James has stumbled upon a new, dangerous mission for Seachild 3 — however it will need to tackle this one without the services of an original, important team member. For as revealed in the opening minutes of The Last Ship‘s seachild opener, Dr. Rachel Scott did not survive the assassin’s bullet fired at her at the cshed of the Seachild 2 finale.

Played by original actors member Rhona Mitra, “Rachel was simply so beloved and she did so a lot for the human being by coming up through the cure, it was a difficult decision to make,” co-showrunner Steven Kane tells “A lot of reflects kill off personalities way more easily than we execute and through even more blood, but we felt that the challenge for Chandler and the people via Rachel gone was that much greater, and her shadow cast throughout Seakid 3 would provide her in some ways more of an immortality.”


Indeed, Dr. Scott’s name is currently a significantly revered one, with even “the man that conserved the people,” Tom Chandler, acknowledging that Rachel did the necessary occupational while he merely “drove the ship.” Rachel’s challenge is also featured on the ration stamps being issued throughout the United States (to prevent hoarding), though Chandler is quick to note the gesture is “not enough” to represent the people of excellent she did.

“The initially episode is called ‘The Scott Effect,’ however really the entirety season can be called that,” Kane claims, “bereason her fatality kind of permeates eextremely decision Chandler provides, and also likewise leaves him alone as the type of ‘godfather of the new human being."”

To be sure, Rachel’s lack was felt exceptionally early on, as it became noticeable that bereason China’s President Peng was extremely selective in distributing the cure to his Eastern next-door neighbors, the Red Flu has actually mutated. And currently tbelow is no world-course paleomicrobiologist to turn to for answers.

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“What happens is that other personalities need to climb up — like Doc Rios, that was sort of Rachel’s lab assistant in the initially seaboy,” Kane previews. “He’s got Rachel’s notes, yet he claims, ‘Look, I’m no Dr. Scott.’ Everyone gets put in a situation wbelow without Rachel, you’re missing a major ally — and a major weapon if you’re in the race against this virus.”


in the action-packed, two-hour premiere, the Nathan James‘ new XO CO, Slattery, and various other high-ranking crew members were abducted from a Vietnamese nightclub adhering to a brutal shootout. Environment-friendly and also Burk controlled to escape and inevitably made it earlier to the James, but Slattery and also the others are currently being organized prisoner, in squalid conditions, aboard a ship manned by a hodgepodge of Oriental thugs (that are literally bleeding their guests dry, one by one).

Previewing that fifty percent of the storyline, co-showrunner Hank Steinberg says, “We love those old battle movies choose Bridge on the River Kwai, old POW movies — and Adam can have been in those 1940s/ 1950s movies, so that was sort of the inspiration. ‘I want to view Adam Baldwin in a POW camp and also view how he’s going to work his means out of that."” The result, says the EP, “has actually just been delicious.”