In last week’s episode of Seth MacFarlane‘s The Orville, titled “Home,” the USS Orville’s security officer Lt. Alara Kitan abruptly resigned her post so that she could return to her residence earth. The factor given? Alara is a Xelayan, a race whose home earth exerts a great deal of gravity on them and thereby provides them enhanced toughness in lower-gravity environments, choose the one on Planet. However, over time Xelayans start to degrade in these lower-gravity settings and must rerotate house to be revived.

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Why was Halston Sage written off The Orville in seaboy 2?

This was the narrative’s reason for Alara’s departure. Yet once asked FOX if Halston Sage, the actress that plays Alara, was officially gone for great, the network-related shown that she was. After the whole initially seaboy and also only the initially two episodes of the second, the American actress is no much longer a component of MacFarlane’s Star Trek fever before dream, and also no official factor has actually been provided to explain why.


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To be fair to MacFarlane and also The Orville team, Sage’s leave was provided a whole episode to explain in equally expositional and relocating fashion. Even so, and also other outallows have actually detailed that Jessica Szohr, that was announced as a brand-new regular actors member a few months earlier, is playing a brand-new character called Talla who may likewise be a Xelayan. In various other words, it’s beginning to sound prefer Alara (and also Sage) were reput via a straightforward switcheroo.

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Will Halston Sage ever before go back to The Orville?

In confirming Sage’s exit from the show, FOX also revealed that should she ever before desire to return to the series, or if the possibility ever before presents itself in the narrative, that door is still open. Yet the abruptness of her and also her character’s leave from the show have left many kind of fans wondering if somepoint else had actually taken place (or was happening) behind the scenes. No one associated in the production has actually shelp anything to contradict FOX’s statement so much, and Sage has actually not addressed the issue at all on social media.