Should you blanket your horse? We can argue about that question all day. But a a century back, you would not have actually had actually a selection.

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Owners this day have a broad selection of blanket fabrics, sizes and weights. We have actually electric clippers. We have actually steady blankets and also turnout blankets and also summer sheets and post-workout coolers. Owners deserve to likewise pick whether or not to subject their steeds to the excessive aspects of winter cold, how long to leave them out, and whether or not to warm their barns. 


But ago in 1917, humane culture activists thought that every horse need to wear a blanket unmuch less it was moving--and they persuaded city federal governments to compose steed blankets into the law. Enforcement was rigid. Fines were high. 

And in some locations, the laws are still on the publications this day.

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He was a little colt...

One a century earlier, the equines functioning our city streets had a hard life. Some were much better treated than others. Some lived much longer than others. But any kind of steed that ventured out onto the street was risking its life. It can slip and fall on pavement, be electrocuted by a downed wire, fall right into a manhole on the street, or be beaten by its owner. 

Yet these horses were on the radar of city humane society observers who were determined to improve their care and make life much better and safer for all equines. They were likewise determined to manday much better horse care not an option: they wanted to make it the law.

In north cities, where horses functioned all winter regardmuch less of the weather, steed blankets became the cause célèbre of equine activists throughout the winter months. And in most cities, their usage wasn’t a sign of kindness. Drivers blanketed their equines bereason they were compelled to do it. An unblanketed horse can sfinish a driver to jail, or force a big fine to be paid.

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Cut-to-fit steed blankets were initially manufactured in 1857 by the pioneering Troy Woolen Mills in Troy, New Hampshire. But those early fitted horse blankets woven on New England also looms were even more most likely to end up on the fine harness and riding horses of rich Americans than on city dray horses.