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You understand what"s coming. Well, The Great War is coming, however we still have to wait a couple of weeks for that. In the meantime, here"s a spoiler alert.


We imagine that the home value of any type of land that"s in the North of Westeros is about to plummet after that epic finale to Seachild 7 of Video Game of Thrones.

As we currently understand, the Night King and also the army of the dead have damaged with the Wall and also they"re set for an epic showdown through the worlds of men.

With The Great War approaching, there are so many theories and also concerns to be answered however the most important one is this, what does the Night King actually want?

Part of this mystery can be found in a dark and also gruesome period of the Night"s Watch"s background, even more specifically, the horrific occasions that unravelled at the Nightfort.


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This allude proves that mankind deserve to make negotiate a tranquility agreement through a supernatural force.

In Seaboy 6, we learned that the Children of the Forest actually produced the White Walkers as a weapon to fight versus the human beings, piercing his heart through dragon glass at a weirwood tree.

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It"s worth noting that the details of this "victory" have been pretty sketchy.

Think about it. One male defeating the army of the dead? It"s incredibly most likely that this person - The Last Hero - negotiated a pact through through the White Walkers and also they willingly retreated as per the terms of this deal.

Following this detente, it"s said that a Stark named Brandon constructed The Wall surface, Winterdropped and also produced the Night"s Watch to encertain that The Others would never return. Some people think that the White Walkers actually helped to develop the Wall surface - totally reasonable offered the truth that they"re masters of ice - as a means to develop a border and note their lands, however tbelow can be even more to this pact.


The White Walkers would certainly preeminence and live peacecompletely in the Land also of Always Winter beyond the Wall surface and also in rerevolve, the people would leave them alone while vowing to never to usage fire magic (choose dragonglass and Valyrian steel) against them.

Human being sacrifices to the White Walkers were likewise forced.

Here"s where the Nightfort and also a recent line from Jon Snow in the last episode, The Dragon and the Wolf, fits in.

During that scene at the Dragonpit, Jon tells Cersei that they were handling "a basic you can not negotiate via."


This doesn"t appear to be true.

The Nightfort

The Nightfort is a ruined castle on the Wall, west of Castle Babsence, that the Night"s Watch when garrisoned.

It was abandoned bereason the dwindling numbers of the Night"s Watch can no longer fully man it. In the official Game of Thrones viewing overview, we"re told that this location hides "some type of secret for the Night"s Watch."

Part of that key is a background of human sacrifices to The Others.

In "A Storm of Swords" - the third book in the series - Bran Stark mentions a character called the Night"s King who was when the 13th Lord Commander of the Night"s Watch.

Ok, this is the only part of the story that could get a bit confusing.

The Night"s King (plural) is a entirely different character than the Night King - the present villain in Game of Thrones that challenged Jon at Hardhome, resurrected Viserion, and ruined the Wall surface.

This character below is the Night King that many civilization know about.

This perkid below is the Night"s King that a lot of civilization don"t know around.

In the tale, the Night"s King was when a Lord Commander of the Night"s Watch however his tenure was dark and complete of terrors.

The standard gist of this story is that the Night"s King was a respected leader and also soldier till he fell in love with a female White Walker that had actually "skin as white as the moon and also eyes prefer blue stars".

The couple acquired married and this evil leader of the Night"s Watch then moved his wife into the Nightfort (the castle along The Wall) prior to declaring himself a king. For thirteen years the 2 subjugated the Night"s Watch and also percreated humale sacrifices to the White Walkers.

The Night"s King was just defeated after the complimentary folk rallied under the banner of Joramun, the King-Beyond-the-Wall surface. They additionally had actually assist from King Brandon the Breaker and Housage Stark in this dispute.

There"s even an added on the Game of Thrones DVD that details this dark history of the Night"s King (1:06), but this document of humale sacrifices to the White Walkers has actually continued.


Cast you mind back to Seachild 2 and also the occasions that unravelled at Craster"s Keep.

In instance you require a reminder, Craster was the wildling that lived north of The Wall surface. When his daughters prosper old sufficient he marries them, and also then incestuously fathers brand-new children via them.

If any kind of of his nineteen wives provided birth to a boy, it was automatically sacrificed to the White Walkers.

Craster worshiped the White Walkers as gods, not demons.

It"s completely reasonable then to assume that his life was frequently spared because he adhered to the rules of this primitive pact.

This proves that the White Walkers are creatures that have the right to be negotiated via, yet Craster was inevitably murdered by Karl Tanner, a mutinous member of the Night"s Watch.

Craster negotiated and also reasoned via the White Walkers- simply prefer the Night"s King did at the Nightfort.

Why is this important? Well, as we"ve typically viewed, the Night King has actually the capability to resurrect the dead, but we"ve only see him develop new White Walkers in the Lands of Almeans Winter.

After engaging in battle, the Night King has actually resurrected hordes of wights to rise his numbers. Remember the finale at Hardhome?

Wights are those skeletal, savage and zombie-prefer creatures that deserve to be killed through fire, dragon glass, Valyrian steel and dragon fire.

"Dumb cunts" as the Hound would say.

Here"s Jon killing one.

White Walkers are somepoint completely various and also they"re created in different ways additionally. They must be touched by the Night King to be created and also in the present, we"ve only checked out White Walkers being created as babies.

Remember the White Walker that was eliminated by Sam after he was trying to supply Gilly"s baby to the Night King? If such a pact existed, wouldn"t Sam have violated it once he eliminated that White Walker? Are humans threatening the incredibly visibility of the White Walkers by tampering via this pact?

After all, they"re dying out.

The endgame

If you"re looking at things from the perspective of a White Walker, you might be able to understand also their grievances.

If this pact does exist, the humans have ventured into their territory and also violated the terms of the agreement by finishing the sacrifices that were required to develop brand-new White Walkers.

Combine this via the fact that dragons are currently back in Westeors - somepoint that deserve to kill a White Walker.

It"s clear that the dead aren"t happy, however they may have actually currently been trying to expush their anger by sfinishing a message to the realms of males.

In the exceptionally initially scene of the display, a ranger of the Night"s Watch is spared by the White Walkers. Eventually, this man is executed by Ned Stark for being a deserter, however it"s virtually choose the White Walkers wanted him to lug the message of their presence ago to the remainder of the living.

The very same instance happened via Sam as soon as he was trapped behind a rock and someexactly how survived.

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George R.R Martin has actually frequently sassist that ending of Video Game of Thrones will certainly be "bittersweet". He"s additionally stated that he hates fantasy novels that oversimplify the nature of excellent vs evil.

In his very own words, "the biggest monsters in history believed they were the heroes of their story." Isn"t it entirely conceivable that the White Walkers are acting in the interemainder of their own self-preservation?

John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) has even included fuel to this concept by saying: "We’re told that all the time about specific teams of civilization — these civilization want this, these people want that — and that’s only half the story. If the White Walkers are human beings of a kind, then they perform desire somepoint. They are fighting via a ethical compass that simply could be slightly different than ours. It’s not that they don’t have actually morality, it simply might be various than ours. Their priorities are various. So if they are world via morals, and heart, and households and also causes to fight for, other than a nihilistic devastation of whatever that’s remained in the world, then that’s a various prospect".

It"s worth noting that Martin himself was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War and also that he"s not a fan of indulging in the simplistic versions of excellent vs evil, light vs dark, best vs wrong.

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Throughout the background of Video Game of Thrones, we"ve seen that battle causes nopoint yet suffering and also fatality. On this note, might the Prince that was Promised be more of a negotiator than a fighter?

If Jon is Azor Ahai reborn, his duty might be to negotiate a new pact in between the living and also a the dead.