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Daddy, why did you leave me?You developed meSo do not you wanna see me?Daddy, why did you make meIf you"re not gonna take meTo acquire a burger and also a shake-y?My cursed blood is your cursed bloodCome on earlier and be my budI deserve to count your visits on my fingertipsCome earlier and give me presents from your business tripsDaddy, why did you father meIf all you wanna do is bvarious other me?Don"t you know that I love you?I just wanna view even more of youDaddy, why did you eat my fries?I bought themAnd they were mineBut you ate themYeah you ate my friesAnd I criedBut you didn"t view me cryDaddy, execute you even love me?Well, I wish you would certainly present itSince I wouldn"t understand itWhat sort of dad eats his daughter"s friesAnd doesn"t also look her in the eyes?Daddy, tright here were tears thereIf you experienced them, would you also care
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