(hangs 3rd perboy present) (hanging existing participle) (hung previous tense & previous participle) (hanged previous tense & previous participle )The create hung is offered as the previous tense and also previous participle. The develop hanged is used as the previous tense for interpretation 5.  

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1  verb 
If something hangs in a high location or place, or if you hang it tbelow, it is attached there so it does not touch the ground. Notices painted on sheets hang at eexceptionally entrance...  V prep/adv ...tiny hanging lanterns...  V-ing They witnessed a young womale come out of the residence to hang clothing on a line.  V n prep/adv   Hang up means the exact same as hang., phrasal verb I uncovered his jacket, which was hanging up in the hallmethod...  V P Some prisoners climbed onto the roof and hung up a banner.  V P n (not pron), Also V n P 
2  verb 
If a piece of clothes or cloth hangs in a details means or place, that is exactly how it is worn or arranged. ...a ragged hair coat that hung down to her calves...  V adv/prep 
3  verb 
If something hangs loose or hangs open, it is partly addressed in position, however is not firmly held, sustained, or regulated, often in such a method that it moves easily. ...her lengthy golden hair which hung loose about her shoulders...  V adj 
4  verb 
If somepoint such as a wall surface is hung with photos or various other objects, they are attached to it. usu passive The wall surfaces were hung through astronomical modern paintings.  be V-ed through n 
5  verb 
If someone is hanged or if they hang, they are eliminated, commonly as a punishment, by having a rope tied roughly their neck and the support taken ameans from under their feet. The 5 were intended to be hanged at 7 am on Tuesday...  be V-ed It is appropriate that their murderers must hang...  V He hanged himself 2 hours after arriving at a psychological hospital.  V pron-refl ♦ hanging  (hangings plural) n-var Four steamwatercraft lots of spectators involved watch a hanging in New Orleans.  
6  verb 
If something such as someone"s breath or smoke hangs in the air, it continues to be tright here without appearing to move or change position. His breath was hanging in the air before him...  V prep/adv 
7  verb 
If a opportunity hangs over you, it problems you and provides your life unpleasant or tough because you think it might occur. A constant hazard of joblessness hangs over countless university researchers...  V over n 
9 If you get the hang of something such as a ability or task, you start to understand or realize exactly how to perform it. INFORMAL ♦get the hang of sth  phrase V inflects: PHR n It"s a little bit tricky at initially till you obtain the hang of it.  
10 If you tell someone to hang in tright here or to hang on in there, you are encouraging them to store trying to carry out somepoint and also not to give up even though it might be challenging. INFORMAL ♦hang in there/hang on in there 
 phrase V inflects Hang in there and also you never understand what you could achieve.  
11  → to hang by a thread 
 → thread hang around in BRIT, additionally use hang about, hang round  
1  phrasal verb 
If you hang about, hang around, or hang round, you remain in the same place doing nopoint, typically bereason you are waiting for something or someone. INFORMAL He acquired sick of hanging approximately waiting for me...  V P -ing On Saturdays we hang around in the park.  V P ...those civilization hanging round the streets at 6 am through nowbelow to go.  V P n 
2  phrasal verb 
If you hang approximately, hang around, or hang round through someone or in a certain area, you spfinish a lot of time with that perchild or in that location. INFORMAL They normally hung around together a lot of of the time...  V P together Helen offered to hang round through the boys.  V P with n ...the usual young crowd who hung about the cafe day in and also day out.  V P n hang back 
1  phrasal verb If you hang back, you move or stay slightly behind a perchild or group, commonly bereason you are nervous about something. I observed him step forward momentarily but then hang ago, nervously massaging his hands.  V P 
2  phrasal verb 
If a perchild or organization hangs back, they carry out not do something instantly. They will certainly then hang ago on cshedding the deal...  V P on n Even his closest advisers believe he should hang earlier no longer.  V P hang on 
1  phrasal verb If you ask someone to hang on, you ask them to wait or sheight what they are doing or saying for a moment. INFORMAL (=hold on) Can you hang on for a minute?...  V P Hang on a sec. I"ll come via you.  V P n 
2  phrasal verb 
If you hang on, you regulate to survive, achieve success, or stop failure in spite of good obstacles or opplace. Manchester United held on to take the Cup.  V P 
3  phrasal verb 
If you hang onto or hang onto somepoint that gives you an advantage, you succeed in maintaining it for yourself, and proccasion it from being taken away or offered to someone else. The British driver was unable to hang on to his lead...  V P to n The firm has been struggling to hang onto its sales pressure.  V P n 
4  phrasal verb 
If you hang onto or hang onto something, you organize it extremely tightly, for instance to stop it falling or to support yourself. (=cling) She was mindful of a 2nd guy hanging on to the rail.  V P to n ...a trip stewardess who assisted conserve the life of a pilot by hanging onto his legs...  V P n He hangs on tightly, his arms about my neck.  V P 
5  phrasal verb 
If you hang onto or hang onto somepoint, you store it for a longer time than you would usually suppose. INFORMAL You might, alternatively, hang onto it in the hope that it will certainly be worth millions in 10 years time...  V P n In the existing climate, owners are hanging on to old ships.  V P to n 
6  phrasal verb 
If one thing hangs on another, it depends on it in order to be effective. (=depend) Much hangs on the success of the teamwork between the Group of Seven governments and Brazil.  V P n hang out 
1  phrasal verb If you hang out apparel that you have wamelted, you hang them on a apparel line to dry. I was worried I wouldn"t have the ability to hang my washing out.  V n P, Also V P n (not pron) 
2  phrasal verb 
If you hang out in a particular location or location, you go and also continue to be tbelow for no particular reason, or spfinish most time there.  (largely AM) INFORMAL I frequently offered to hang out in supermarkets...  V P adv/prep We can simply hang out and also have actually a good time.  V P  → hangout hang round  → hang around hang up 
2  phrasal verb If you hang up or you hang up the phone, you finish a phone contact. If you hang upon someone you are speaking to on the phone, you finish the phone call suddenly and unexpectedly. Mum hung up the phone...  V P n (not pron) Don"t hang up!...  V P He shelp he"d contact aget, and hung up on me.  V P on n 
3  phrasal verb 
You can use hang up to suggest that someone stops doing a details sport or activity that they have on a regular basis done over a long period. For instance, as soon as a footballer hangs up his boots, he stops playing football. Keegan announced he was hanging up his boots for great...  V P n (not pron), Also V n P 
  (hang-gliders plural ), hang glider A hang-glider is a form of glider, made from large item of cloth addressed to a framework. It is offered to fly from high locations, through the pilot hanging underneath.  n-count 
hang-up   (hang-ups plural )If you have actually a hang-up around somepoint, you have actually a feeling of fear, stress, or embarrassment around it. INFORMAL  n-count (=inhibition) I don"t have any kind of hang-ups around my body.  

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