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Why did you need to go?Because currently I feel so aloneWhy did you have to go?Because now I feel so aloneYou know I hate it once you don't speak to backNow simply tell me what you call that, yeahI'm not good, till I autumn back, sippin' on the tough blackHit me prefer a heart assault, yeahAnd I tried but I failed, couldn't stop you from leavingWhen you shelp you loved me that shit was misleadingYou play with emovements, I can't sheight the bleedingIt's hot wright here I'm from however you're altering the seasons, yeahAnd I don't ever wanna fight, nahI don't wanna be alone as soon as it's night timeI simply wanna be in touch through the appropriate mindMy god, supplied to be in love now you ain't mineI've been all in my head, can't obtain out of my bedOverreasoning whatever, think I'm better off deadI just roll up a blunt and also get high off the medsI don't got no one else, I simply chill through my anxiety, yeahLong nights and the day's coldSmoke all in my lungs but I'm still lowSteady waiting for the day wbelow I'm not aloneSad boy hrs daily, just how my life goesNow I'm missing them days we would certainly text till the morningWe talked about music, currently my world is pouringI'm stuck in a circle, it's you I'm adoringA hole in my chest and also tright here is no restoring
Why did you have to go?Due to the fact that currently I feel so aloneWhy did you have to go?Due to the fact that now I feel so aloneYeah, and I don't ever wanna restartI might never before re-track 'cause you break heartsLost loveIt was discovered in the cold darkSee we could never before be in touch, 'reason you're too farYou've been wasting my timeI'm wasted and chasing somepoint tough to findYou damaged me so much currently it's tough to confideI don't wanna comprise I just want piece of mindI've been all in my head, can't gain out of my bedOverthinking everything, think I'm much better off deadYou would never before understand all the feelings I've keptBut you still are the reason my life is a messSo provide me a factor why this shouldn't hurtI'm shedding myself once I'm composing a verseSo offer me a factor why this shouldn't hurtI'm losing myself as soon as I'm composing a verse