Cats are unique creatures via extremely sensitive hearing. They have the right to hear also the slightest vibrations that we humans can’t.

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For instance, a cat can hear the slightest peep of a mouse or feel the surroundings via their sensitive hair on their front paws.

So, a slight whistle from you will certainly have the attention of the cat even while it’s sleeping.

The fact is that not all cats love whistling. Hence, if they hear you whistling, they may come running because of various reasons.

Different cats will perceive your whistling differently. A loud whistle might suppose distress, while a tender one might mean time for food or play.

If you’ve noticed that your cat constantly comes to you as soon as you whistle, then several things might be running via your feline friend’s head.

Here are some of the reasons that may reason your furry friend to run to you:

You Have Trained Them

Different cat owners train their feline friends differently. If you’ve trained your cat to have food eexceptionally time you whistle, then they will come running, reasoning that it’s time to have actually food.

Some cat owners whistle when they desire to give their cat treats or toys.

If that’s the instance, your cat will certainly always come to you eincredibly time you whistle. This is bereason it understands you have some goodies to give it.

They Are Familiar With The Sound

Some cats will certainly run to you bereason they are acquainted through that sound. If you have a close link or bond via your cat, it will notice your voice easily.

So, the moment it hears your whistle, it will certainly pertained to you. It is even surprising to understand that cats understand the sounds of their owner’s cars.

The cat might also come to you bereason it thinks that you desire to bond. If that’s the instance, you must have a treat or toy to offer it so that you deserve to bond through it.

They Are Curious

Cats are incredibly curious creatures, and also a slight sound will make them be inquisitive.

Thus, your cat will involved you as soon as you begin to whistle. They may think that you’re in trouble or want to share somepoint through them.

Don’t be surprised if your cat stands there, surprised at what you’re doing.

If you sound funny and also playful, they will certainly think that you desire to play with them. But if the sound is loud and via some distress and anxiety, they may believe you are in peril and desire to rescue you.

All-in-all, cats are curious, and also this is just one of their instincts that helps them to survive.

As such, if they hear any strange voice, they will investigate appropriate ameans and also know if they are safe.

Don’t be surprised if they jump on your lap and also start cuddling. But if the cat is frightened, it may rip your face as a means of preventing you from making a funny sound.

The Sound Is Annoying

Cats have actually a really sensitive hearing sense. Their hearing capacity is 4 times that of humans. As an outcome, a slight sound will certainly obtain their attention.

If they hear your whistle, they will certainly come right ameans. However before, this doesn’t expect that they are coming to glorify you. Different cats may feel differently around your whistles.

Some may be irritated and desire you to soptimal, while others may be wondering what’s happening.

If you whistle and your cat meows in your challenge, this should be an indication that she is irritated and also desires you to sheight.

Several sturdy shows that irreversible exposure of 85 dB and short-term exposure of 120 dB deserve to cause hearing loss in cats.

So, if you’re whistling loudly or at a high-pitched sound and also your cat is seated beside you, you might be hurting its ears slowly.

Hunting Sound

The cat might likewise come to you if you sound like a rodent or something to be hunted. Before cats were trained, they were hunters.

So, if your whistles sound “squeaky,” they will think that it is a rodent and also come all set to pound on it. Rats and also mice create high-pitched sounds, which the cat may attach to if your whistle sounds the same.

Cats have actually superior hearing skills, and high-pitched sounds commonly remind them of their prey, such as rodents, birds, snakes, lizards, and also large insects.

So, when you whistle, you arousage its searching instincts, and also it becomes energetic in its atmosphere as it believes there is prey.

Is Whistling To Cats Good Or Bad?

Whistling to your cats is both good and also negative. Whistling is beneficial if you’re training your cat to eat, have treats, play, or also come ago to the residence.

But if you whistle and also produce a high-pitched sound, this may be confutilizing to your feline friend.

A high-pitched sound may arouse its searching instinct or hurt its hearing capability.

Besides, whistling with a starray sound may send the wrong signal that you’re in danger while you’re not.

So, make certain to use the whistle in the right way. If you’ve just obtained a new cat, use the whistle to train it. Also, you have the right to use the whistle to have actually some fun through your feline frifinish.

But if it shows indicators of irritation, stop whistling as the sound might be hurting its ears.


Now that you recognize some of the reasons why your cat involves you once you whistle, you must train it to get used to specific whistles and also stop confusing it.

The whistles you make should not be high pitched or hoarse unmuch less you desire to hoodwink your feline friend.

Use whistles to train your cat to come as soon as you desire to play, give it food, treats, or also toys.

Wrong whistles may obtain you in trouble via your furry friend, specifically if the noise is irritating it.

We hope that you’ve discovered this information to be helpful!


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