Cats love to sleep in the sunlight and gain the warmth of the sun’s rays, especially in spring and also summer. This situation is so common that if you have a kitty at house, you will undoubtedly have noticed it. Why carry out cats favor being in the sun? Can excessive expocertain to sunlight be harmful to our four-legged friend?

Why perform cats love being in the sun?

Whether external or inside the house, cats favor sunny spaces, because they instinctively understand that the sun has actually numerous wellness benefits. The point that especially provides them feel so content is the heat… nothing is even more satisfying to a feline than letting himself go and enjoying long naps in the warmth. Siesta and also Sun: the perfect combination!


Cats and Benefits of the sun

The sunlight is excellent for cats, as long as they bask in it through moderation. Tbelow are 2 primary benefits:


The body temperature of cats drops as soon as they sleep, bereason as soon as the body is calm and also serene it does not use power and power consumption decreases. As such, cats compensate the difference in temperature by resting in heat areas or wbelow the sun’s rays enter directly: it isn’t hard to discover our furry friends lying in front of a home window, on the balcony or on the floor inside the house. For this factor, it is important not to place kitty’s bed in dark or damp areas inside the residence.

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How many times have actually you occurred to see your cat running and also rolling about in a tiny area of sun? The sun’s rays are likewise exceptionally vital for cats, simply favor they are for us humans, bereason they stimulate the production of vitamin D, terrific for the bones and also reliable versus rheumatism, a very prevalent disease in cats.


Cats and also sun: Precautions to take

Cats would certainly stay in the sun for hrs, however despite the plenty of benefits of this activity, it is neverthemuch less true that there deserve to additionally be some disbenefits.

One of primary the difficulties that can happen if a cat stays in the sunlight for as well many hours is the threat of sunstroke, la little favor what happens to us humans, consequently leading to warm stroke. Dehydration have to not be underestimated: an too much loss of fluids and also minerals manifests itself via symptoms such as fatigue, dry gums and also mouth, loss of appetite, breathlessness and sunken eyes. Prevention is always better than cure, however in instance this happens, constantly call the vet.

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A unique instance that deserves additional attention in that of white cats: the fur of these cats does not market adequate defense to the non-pigmented skin and also the sun’s rays can seriously damage it, bring about inflammation and skin lesions that, in the lengthy run, could bring about the oncollection of major illnesses.