We’ve all captured our cats in the act of standing upright on their hind legs like some peculiar mix in between a meerkat and a marionette puppet — however why do our normally regal and also poised felines firmly insist on carrying out this curious behavior? Is tright here any scientific research behind it? And what’s really bubbling in the brain of a cat standing up on his hind legs? Let’s dig in and also find out (and watch some fun videos in the process!).

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1. A Cat Standing Up on His Hind Legs Wants to Ward Off Predators

As funny as a cat standing up on his hind legs looks, the beginning of the move is significant organization. When cats feel threatened by a devious predator, they will certainly frequently attempt to make themselves show up as huge as feasible. You guessed it: Perching up on the back legs is part of this survival tactic. In extreme cases, you can even view cats shuffling along sideways while in this upbest position — which is an additional attempt to look as large and fearful as feasible. Do not mess through a cat standing up on his hind legs.

2. A Cat Might Stand Up Just for a Head Boop

Back in the calm and also lazy civilization of the average domestic cat, popping up on his hind legs have the right to be used to coerce a human to dish out some extra head petting. This relocate often takes area after some excellent old fashioned ankle brushing has gone on. In the situation of my cat, Mimosa, she hops up on her earlier legs as quickly as she realizes the grooming brush is in play. We’ve taken to calling the move “on her twos.”

3. Your Cat Stands Like a Human being to Reach for Treats

A cat standing on his hind legs. Photography by EEI_Tony/Thinkstock.

Anvarious other method to obtain your cat to perfect the two-legged stance is with the tried-and-tested tactic of tempting him through treats. Even the a lot of scheduled cats can be coerced right into propping themselves up on their ago legs once the rustling sound of the treat bag is in play.

4. Yes, Cats Standing Up Look Like Meerkats

Let’s be hocolony, as soon as cats decide to gain up on their hind legs, they completely look choose meerkats — although technically meerkats are component of the mongoose family. So, let’s simply chalk this similarity approximately being another curious kitty quirk.

5. Here’s Why Munchkin Cats Stand Up on Their Back Legs a Lot


Munchkin cats are born through short, stumpy legs due to some kind of hereditary mutation scientific research. As a consequence, these squat kitties can generally be found standing up on their earlier legs. It’s all about the low center of gravity, you watch.

6. Some Special-Needs Cats Stand also Entidepend on Their Hind Legs

For some special-needs cats, learning to stand also and obtain around on simply their hind legs isn’t simply an eye-recording relocate — it’s a need. A couple of these kangaroo cats, as they’ve been referred to as, are stars and proponents on the social media scene. The grandiosely titled Lil Bunny Soux Roux was born without her front legs but has become an Instagram sensation thanks to photos of her hopping about like some kind of marvelous kangaroo-Tyrannosaurus-rex hybrid.

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Roo is another social media celebrikitty who’s all about owning his kangaroo-cat standing. He was born through radial hypoplasia, which quit his front paws from flourishing and developing properly — however these days he’s even more than happy hopping around for his legion of fans alongside his similarly famous kitty sister, Venus the Two-Face Cat.